Adam Levine: Slammed for Naked Time with Daughter!

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When it comes to parent-shaming, some parents get scolded for the color scheme of their house or when they stop breastfeeding. Other parents get visits by social workers.

Behati Prinsloo shared this photo of Adam Levine and the couple's daughter, Dusty Rose. And, well, they're both very, very naked.

So, yeah, fans in the comments are absolutely outraged.

Adam Levine, Favorite Glasses Selfie

Adam Levine has admitted to not knowing what he's doing when it comes to parenting -- which is pretty common, especially with first-time parents.

It may be that he and Prinsloo don't quite know how to predict how people will react to things.

Prinsloo shared the photo below, censoring the butts with peach emojis.

(Instagram allows butts, but posting your child's butt is weird and we're guessing that Adam Levine didn't feel like broadcasting his booty)

Now, to be clear, not every reaction was negative.

In fact, the first few were just ... thirsty.

"How many people have tried to zoom into the reflection to see Adam's [eggplant emoji]."

No, you cannot see Adam Levine's penis by zooming in. But you get points for trying.

Here's the photo:

Adam Levine Naked with Child, Dusty Rose Levine

As you can imagine, the controversy has less to do with Adam Levine himself as the fact that he's very naked beside his child.

"'I'm so confused, everyone is saying #goals.... but I find this very disturbing, like is his man junk all out in front of his daughter."

Different cultures have different societal norms, but between the incest taboo and increasing awareness of sexual predators, a lot of parents avoid being naked around their children.

Some commenters got into arguments with more supportive fans:

"Do you have a picture like this with your father? It's disturbing and that's my opinion so hop all the way off."

This next commenter didn't focus so much on Levine's daughter as on Levine being praised:

"Just because he is a man everyone will idolize him, if it was a woman in the picture they would hate her, this is very sad to see."

That's a fair point. We've seen countless women demonized for nude photos -- even for censored ones.

Other comments, though, expressed revulsion at the idea of nudity shared by a father and daughter.

"[Foul] and sick."

Some comments were short and harsh:

"Child pornography."

To be clear, think what you will, but it is literally not child pornography.

"This is child abuse!!!! Plan and simple. And posting this now n the midst of pedafilia claims. No child wants to be naked with their dad. Shame!!!!!"

And here comes our favorite comment under the Instagram post:

"White people."

Adam Levine Poses

Some commenters came to Levine's defense:

"My father left me when I was young. I have a lot of photos from age 2-4 And I am naked on the garden with my family. I have 1 y.o. son and I am taking bath in front of him, is it disturbing too?"

People who find Adam Levine disturbing would say "yes," we'd imagine.

"You’re amazing, Behati. So is your adorable family."

It was Behati Prinsloo who shared the photo of her husband and daughter.

"Beautiful Father/ Daughter pic!! Memories made."

This comment weirded us out. See, hopefully there were not any memories made.

"I think the only sick here is your thoughts about this lovely family!"

Again, people got into arguments, retorting to critical comments:

"Only for an obnoxious person with a dirty mind."

Some were very insistent that people lay off.

"The evil is in the eye of the beholder! Respect them! They are a healthy and happy family!!!!!"

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Pic

Dusty Rose Levine is 14 months old. That is absolutely old enough to form memories, but the odds are pretty good that she won't remember bathtime with dad.

Or, more to the point: by the time that she's old enough to understand what a penis is or to recoil at the thought of her father having one, hopefully Dusty Rose will have zero memory of this.

Plenty of parents bathe with their babies. Plenty of parents do not. And, at 14 months, Dusty is absolutely still a baby.

But we'll admit to it being a weird photo.

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