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Nicole and Azan aren’t new to 90 Day Fiance, but the couple has returned to season 5 because … well, things didn’t exactly get wrapped up in season 4.

But a new development has arisen, and fans are wondering if it could tear this couple apart.

Did Nicole cheat on Azan? Or, more accurately, did Nicole cheat on Azan … again?!

Nicole and Azan on 90 Day Fiance

First, a refresher:

Nicole is from the US, while Azan is from Morocco.

The couple managed to hit things off online, but Azan wasn’t happy when he met Nicole and her body was a little larger than he’d realized.

Azan could have handled that more sensitively.

(Remember, folks — people don’t have to be attracted to someone but they do need to be nice about it)

Azan himself is extremely fit, so that contrast adds to the couple’s dynamic.

This season, Nicole is headed back to Morocco — and she’s bringing along her toddler, May, to see how Azan is with her.

That’s great, because if you already have a kid, seeing how good of a parent someone can be is quite frankly the most important thing that you can learn about them.

(When you’re a parent, your child has to come first. Always)

And let’s not forget that Nicole and Azan’s future depends on Nicole’s father’s willingness to foot the bill for Azan to come to the US and actually go through the visa process and, you know, marry Nicole.

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But, last season, we saw the first wrench get thrown into the gears.

Because Nicole confessed to Azan that, before she flew out to Morocco and met him in person, she cheated on him.

Azan was able to forgive her, which is great.

But some time after she returned from meeting with Azan in Morocco, Nicole slipped off her engagement ring … ostensibly for a night out with some female friends.

That’s what Nicole told Azan.

As it turned out, though, Nicole took off her ring so that she could hang out with a male friend.

Women — engaged or married or whatever — can absolutely be friends with men, contrary to what Mike Pence might think.

But if you have to take off your ring to hang out with somebody … that doesn’t sound like a friendship.

Not to us, anyway.

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Nicole assured Azan that nothing of an intimate, cheating nature happened when she went ringless with a guy friend.

And Azan was, once again, able to forgive Nicole.

More than that, though, it looks like the two of them are still really getting along.

As in, in real-time, not whenever these episodes of 90 Day Fiance were filmed.

Nicole has been gushing about Azan on Instagram, and the couple has been showing off their fair share of PDA in Instagram photos.

Just last week, Nicole was positively gushing about how much her daughter, May, and Azan love each other. And about how much she loves them both.

That probably qualifies as spoilers for this season of 90 Day Fiance, but they’re really the best kind of spoilers, right?

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Long-distance relationships are tough, so maybe these little slip-ups of Nicole’s won’t keep happening once the two of them have settled down together in the US.

Like, after they’re married and have a routine and are living together, a lot of conflicts should hopefully go away as the two of them put precious little May first.

Many fans will rejoice at that.

Of course, some "fans" of 90 Day Fiance are haters of Nicole, and try to body-shame on her own Instagram. That’s not an okay thing to do, folks.

It even looks like Azan is over his surprise and insensitive misgivings. How Nicole and Azan feel about her body is really all that matters.

We’re rooting for this couple, and we look forward to seeing where this relationship will take them both.