The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Barry Allen, Is That You?

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Just because Barry has been in the Speed Force prison for six months, it does not mean that the team has not been able to function. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 got underway, we got the revelation that Iris has become a reliable leader on the team as she has been making sure everything is moving smoothly. 

Wally and Cisco have been keeping the mean streets of Central City safe, but they were no match for the armored samurai who demanded a fight with the Flash. 

With the scarlet speedster nowhere near town, and very much out of the loop, the team fretted when the samurai villain claimed he would destroy Central City if he did not get to fight the fastest man alive. 

Cisco was quick to reveal that he had been working on the way to allow Barry to make a return to the city. The reason he kept quiet about it was that there was a huge possibility it could go wrong. 

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When does anything ever go right for anyone on these superhero shows? The biggest shocker was that Iris told the team to focus on other ways to make sure the city was safe. 

It was clear she was taking what Barry said to her about moving on with her life in his absence. But that was not enough to stop Cisco from bringing his friend home. 

Cisco turned to Caitlin who was no longer working in the world of science and found herself bartending in the dirtiest bar around. It did not take long for her to join Cisco's cause. 

When it came to bringing Barry back, the group thought the machine was broken, but Barry returned to town via a portal in another part of town. 

Danielle Panabaker for The CW

Iris immediately flipped out at them for going ahead and carrying out the mission even though she explicitly asked them to find another way. But, a phone call about Barry being found stops the bickering. 

But the man who has returned is not exactly the Barry who left. In fact, this new iteration has some major issues and does not seem to know his left from his right.

When everything seemed to be working against the team, Iris thought it would be a good idea to hand herself over to the villain, and it worked. Barry raced to her side in order to ensure no harm came to her. 

Flash Season 2 Suit

Barry returned to the loft with Iris, and the pair quickly spoke about how much they loved each other, and Barry seemed to think that everything that was wrong is gone, claiming they can move on. 

In a last-minute twist, The Mechanic called her boss to let him know the speedster was back in Central City, and we got our first glimpse at The Thinker, who will be the big villain on The Flash Season 4

What a conclusion, you guys! What did you think of the episode?

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