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Suri Cruise has reportedly not seen Tom Cruise for years. She’s photographed with (and by!) her mom, Katie Holmes, all of the time.

We’ve talked before about how this is probably part of a long-standing agreement between the parents, and likely for the best.

But does Suri know that? A report claims that she’s been insisting on seeing her father.

So, the new cover of Star claims that Suri Cruise has been demanding to see her father.

The story teases Suri’s “heartbreaking plea to Tom after 1487 days part” and even the irresistible rhyme of “4 years of tears.”

Gotta love a catchy rhyme that’s also evocative.

The story goes on to describe Suri’s alleged emotional plea: 

“Desperately missing her dad, the 11-year-old asks her father a poignant, heartbreaking question: When can I see you?”

It then describes how Suri is too smart to fall for the “he has a busy film schedule” line, since Tom Cruise hangs out with some of his other children who are older.

That is a powerful story that cuts right to your heart. It reads as the story of every child with an absent parent who wonders if they’re just not good enough, with the twist of the absent parent being omnipresent in film (even if he shouldn’t be in some of them).

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

The story has some problems though — beyond the fact that we have no idea who the “source” providing all of the details might be.

For starters, the story refers to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx going public with their relationship. Which they have — in only the most literal sense, because they were looking very cozy together while outdoors.

That’s not the same as an announcement.

In fact, Jamie Foxx doesn’t even tell his friends details about his relationship with Katie Holmes. 

Whatever the reason behind these two playing coy, whether it’s part of some obscene divorce agreement from Tom Cruise that Katie would wait a certain period before publicly dating anyone else or … actually that’s the only explanation that comes to mind … it seems like they both take it pretty seriously.

So the Star article was already on thin ice, at this point.

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Then the reports by this insider get even more outlandish, describing how Tom Cruise was having a sudden change of heart upon hearing Suri Cruise’s plea.

First of all, we wonder how he’d even hear it. He very likely does not pay attention to any news, ever. Not only is he busy with his career, but Scientologists are reportedly discouraged from looking up news about the Church of Scientology and also about themselves.

But, sure, maybe Suri made this plea and also sent it or Katie Holmes sent it or whatever.

The insider claims that Tom Cruise might be considering leaving the Church of Scientology, of which he is the golden poster boy, in order to spend more time with Suri.

The Church of Scientology does everything for Tom Cruise. He can stay at any place of theirs that he wants. David Miscavige bends over backwards for Tom Cruise, because they want him happy and he never wants to leave.

So that does not sound believable. Which calls everything else into question.

(And let’s be honest — the whole thing was already in question)

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Gossip Cop reports that there’s nothing true about the story. That Suri Cruise did not make any such plea.

A representative for Katie Holmes said, point-blank: “Nothing in the story is true.”

They also said that they shared as much with Star.

The rep also added a very good point about Star‘s magazine cover: “It’s unfortunate [the publication] put a child, who is a private citizen, on the cover.”

(Many publishers have a policy of avoiding buying paparazzi photos of children so that celebrity kids, who never asked for this life, are less likely to be stalked by an over-eager photographer who wants to make a big score)

So … it sounds like the Suri plea probably didn’t happen.

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There’s no telling what Katie Holmes has told Suri to explain her father’s absence.

But, as we’ve stated, it sounds like it’s for the best.

As many people noted when they saw Tom Cruise jump on Oprah’s couch in the world’s most alarming bit of televised furniture parkour, the guy is intense and does not think like other people and is, in many ways, out of touch with your average person.

In the years since that famous interview, from before he and Katie were even married, even more people have realized that maybe Tom Cruise is good at acting but might not be the perfect role model for a child or even the best caregiver.

Letting Suri grow up in the most normal possible environment for her, with Katie, is almost certainly the best thing for her. And we have a feeling that Suri probably realizes that.