Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx: Yes, We Are Still Together!

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It looks like Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are officially allowed to be seen in public with each other. 

The pair has been so secretive about their relationship that one would think that the whole thing was just a convoluted way to get their names in the media. 

Katie Holmes Is Hot

That would be rather desperate, but would they really go THAT far? We think it's fair to say that absolutely anything is possible in the celebrity world. 

We're not saying they're not popular. They are very popular and successful in what they do, but hiding a relationship from the always-present eyes of the media?

Not so much. 

According to TMZ, however, the duo recently took a stroll to the beach, and it was the first indication that their relationship could be turning a corner. 

Jamie Foxx Attends Showtime Event

They walked hand in hand on the beautiful dunes of Malibu and looked pretty happy in the process. They may be taking the whole thing a little slow. 

But then again, a lot of couples rush into all the milestones that come with being in a relationship and then things become rather cumbersome. So, we do agree that it's better to take things slow.  

Even though they try to keep their relationship out of the media, that's not to say they have not had their issues with each other. 

Katie Holmes Sits

A report last year indicated that the duo was on the rocks and the main reason was that Katie wanted Jamie to go public about their relationship

The issue?

Jame allegedly wanted to keep the pairing on the down low. 

"Jamie is tired of being pressured by Katie into going public," the source revealed.

"He's asked for a few months out and made no promise he'll be available after that."

Jamie Foxx in black tux

Some people do like to keep things private, so we can't blame them. Maybe we're a little selfish because we want to know everything there is to know about them. 

But with them being so quiet about every little thing, it will not stop the rumors from swirling. 

Last year, Foxx was photographed in a club grinding against different women who looked very happy about getting close to the celebrity. 

Katie Holmes is Beautiful

Could this be the start of the couple making their debut in the limelight?

We have no idea, but we are so intrigued!

What do you think about all of it?

Sound off below!

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