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If you have a heart and even the slightest little bit of interest in the great teen celebrity gossip of yesteryear, then the recent actions of Selena Gomez have almost certainly gotten you in a frenzy.

Or, as the kids would say, they have left you shook.

Selena Gomez Keeps It Simple

Because, OK, we heard last week that Selena had been spending time with Justin Bieber again.

They were in love all those years ago, of course, but they hadn’t been on good terms for a while — not since she bashed him on Instagram for sharing photos of his then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Remember that? Justin asked his fans to stop being hateful and cruel in comments on photos of Sofia, and Selena told him to just stop sharing photos altogether.

It was pretty petty, honestly.

But that was a year ago, and since then, Selena’s been to rehab and Justin has taken time from his career to focus on himself.

They both could have done a whole lot of maturing, you know? Enough that they’re able to be friends now.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in August 2011

What happened apparently is that Justin reached out to Selena after she had her kidney transplant, and they’ve been getting closer ever since.

He hung out at her place in L.A. recently, and they grabbed breakfast and went to church together just this past Sunday.

It was nice to see them getting along so well after everything that happened between them — but now it’s a little less nice and a little more scandalous.

And that’s because, as we learned yesterday, Selena just broke up with The Weeknd.

So she’s single, Justin’s single … the stage is set for a Jelena revival, and it could be happening any minute now.

Especially if there’s any truth to this new report from Hollywood Life.

Justin and Selena Instagram

According to a source who spoke with the website, “No matter what happens, and where life goes, Selena’s heart always ends up coming back to Justin.”

“They truly do love each other, but despite multiple tries they’ve never been able to make it work, and they’ve always ended up splitting.”

But still, the source continued, “Selena believes they’re destined to be together,” and she also believes that “Justin is her soulmate, but they just met each other at too young an age to be able to make a go of it.”

“They still have those deep intense feelings for each other — they don’t just dissolve because they split — so, inevitably they end up agreeing to try to give it just one more try.”

Is that what they were doing over breakfast on Sunday?! Discussing Jelena, Part 3,294?

It’s definitely possible — another source said that “Selena has always hoped that Justin would be the one she would marry. She has the biggest weakness for Justin, the first true love of her life.”

This insider explained that “Selena’s health scare put her whole life into a new perspective and she has reevaluated having a family, getting married and everything else in her life.”

“She has always wanted everything out of life and now time is more precious than ever before. She is learning now to seize the day and take action on things.”

The source added that “If she wants a happy ending with Justin, she needs to make it happen now.”

Honestly, this entire story sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? The gossip aspect alone is just too phenomenal.

But when you look at things from this angle, the one where Selena is beginning to appreciate the fragility of life, to go after what she wants because no one is promised tomorrow?

… These two are totally getting back together, aren’t they?