Rose McGowan: Arrest Warrant Issued. Is She Being Silenced?

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Just a little more than two weeks ago, Rose McGowan accused Harvey Weinstein of having raped her. She was far from Harvey Weinstein's sole accuser, but she's one of the bigger names to go public.

And now, very suddenly, we're finding out that there's an arrest warrant out for Rose McGowan over alleged drug possession ... dating back to the beginning of the year.

What we don't know is whether this suspicious timing is just a coincidence or some sort of retaliation. But Rose McGowan has a theory.

Rose McGowan, Arms Crossed

It was only a year ago when Rose McGowan revealed that she had been raped by a Hollywood executive.

Sexual assault is horrifying, and we absolutely do not blame her for not naming the monster who came after her.

At the time, it would have been her word alone against his.

Following the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal and the multiple women accusing him of rape

As a powerful Hollywood mega-producer, Harvey Weinstein had the money and influence to intimidate countless women into silence.

We may never know the names of all of the women left scarred, traumatized, and ashamed by Weinstein's alleged actions.

We need to respect the choices of those women, however. Most of us are fortunate enough that we cannot imagine being in that kind of situation.

That Rose McGowan has used her voice, her fame, and her platform to speak out against sexual assault is a sign of real bravery.

Rose McGowan in Red

And yet ... there's a warrant out for Rose McGowan's arrest.

The Associated Press reports that the warrant was obtained by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department.

And ... it was issued on February 1st of this year.

That's just about 9 entire months ago.

So ... why are we just hearing about this now, we wonder?

We'll get to that in a moment, because the charges are also pretty weird.

The AP reports:

"An arrest warrant has been obtained for actress Rose McGowan for felony possession of a controlled substance."

Okay. Yikes.

"The felony charge stems from a police investigation of personal belongings left behind on a United flight arriving at Washington Dulles International Airport on Jan. 20. Police say the items tested positive for narcotics."

Our first thought, aside from "it's literally no one's business what Rose McGowan allegedly puts in her body," was to wonder since when, exactly, do random possessions (like a sweater or whatever) get tested for traces of narcotics?

Rose McGowan at the Grammys

Rose McGowan tweeted out after she heard the news, asking the question that we've all been wondering:

"Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of HORSES--T."

Rose McGowan is a celebrity; Virginia authorities have had an entire pregnancy's worth of time to tell the Associated Press or the LAPD or ... whomever ... that they need to speak with Rose McGowan.

They might have mentioned this to Rose, too, you might think.

Virginia-based charges seem like a bit of a reach for Harvey Weinstein.

And, unless all of the women who've accused him also start suddenly getting bombarded by frivolous charges, the conspiracy angle doesn't make much sense.

Rose McGowan with Short Hair

Do you know what our theory is?

As weird as the timing of it all might be, Rose McGowan making headlines over Harvey Weinstein might be what prompted Virginia authorities to make their warrant public.

We fully believe that Rose McGowan had no idea (authorities allegedly tried to get in touch with her ... which leaves us with a lot of questions over how a simple notification could be so difficult).

We don't know whether Rose McGowan's alleged possession stems from, like, a baggie of weed in a purse or microscopic traces on a sweater or what.

Proving that she had continuous possession of whatever item that got left behind sounds tricky for prosecutors.

(We can only imagine that the item got tested either because of a drug-sniffing dog or because it was left behind on a plane or at an airport and therefore became a "suspicious" package ... we just don't know)

Even if Rose McGowen really was in possession of a controlled substance, and that's a big if, it shouldn't matter because, again, it shouldn't be anyone's business what an adult puts in their own body.

Unless they're, like, driving or performing surgery.

Still, even with this totally plausible scenario of coincidental timing, something about this really rubs us the wrong way.

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