Kim Kardashian: Robbed Again, Not Handling It Well

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Poor Kim Kardashian ...

It really, truly seems like, at least when it comes to getting robbed, the girl just can't catch a break.

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It's been a year now since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, an ordeal that clearly traumatized her.

After that night, Kim made a whole lot of changes is nearly every aspect of her life: she cut back on things she shared on social media, and she also cut back on her material possessions.

She's said that the robbery made her appreciate the things that are important in life, and as strange as it may seem, money and all the things it can buy really just aren't so important to her anymore.

But even though she's changed so much, she's obviously still very, very wealthy.

And even though her wealth isn't as big a part of her life as it once was, it still makes her a target for criminals.

That's why, early yesterday morning, a man tried to pull off another robbery at her Bel Air home.

Around 4:00 on Friday morning, this guy went through several cars parked at the bottom of Kim's driveway, and he came away with an iPhone that belonged to someone on her staff.

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He may have intended to get more of a haul in their actual house, but we'll never know -- armed security guards approached him after he got into the cars, and he ran.

An arrest hasn't been made yet, but police are searching for him, and they know exactly what he looks like, thanks to a clear shot from Kim's security cameras.

All in all, this robbery wasn't nearly as serious as the one Kim experienced in Paris.

There's a very good chance she wasn't even aware anything happened until well after the fact.

Unfortunately, it sounds like she's still pretty shaken by what happened.

According to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life, "Kim is dealing with pretty severe anxiety right now."

Which, hey, understandable.

Kim Kardashian Has a Smile

"This ended well and everyone is safe," the source explained, "but it's triggered her PTSD. She's experiencing the trauma from the Paris attack all over again."

"If this had happened a few years ago it would have been upsetting but it wouldn't have triggered her this badly."

Poor Kim "already has so much trouble sleeping at night, worrying about someone breaking in and this has just confirmed her worst fears."

"People are circling, trying to get at her and her family."

That seems a little dark, but it easy to imagine why she might feel this way.

"Yes, her security can handle this and the guy never actually got in the house," the insider acknowledges, "but that hasn't stopped her from imagining the worst; it's traumatic."

We bet it is.

Hopefully the man who did this will be found soon, and hopefully Kim can start feeling more secure even sooner.

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