Kim Kardashian: 19 Reasons Why She Isn't That Terrible

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Kim Kardashian is not our favorite celebrity.

This is not wildly breaking news, we know.

Any loyal reader of The Hollywood Gossip is aware that we make fun of Kim Kardashian every chance we get.

But is she really all that bad? Does she deserve the vitriol she receives across the Internet?

Let's take a look at a handful of reasons why Kim Kardashian (GULP!) isn't actually the anti-Christ...

1. She's a Great Mother

She's a Great Mother
She is. You can see the love Kim has for kids North and Saint any time she poses with them or any time she talks about them. You can also see how much they love her in various social media videos.

2. She's a Responsible Mother

She's a Responsible Mother
How often have you seen North and Saint in the spotlight? Not often, right? Kim has done an admirable job of shielding her kids from the media.

3. She Stays in Her Lane

She Stays in Her Lane
Did she try to sing once? Yes. Has she done a few movie and TV cameos? Yes. But Kim mostly understands that she doesn't possess any actual talent and she does't pretend otherwise.

4. She Has Never Been Arrested

She Has Never Been Arrested
This is a low bar, we grant you. But in an age where millions of people still buy Chris Brown or DMX albums, it's refreshing to find a celebrity that has never had a run-in with the law.

5. She Loves Her Family

She Loves Her Family
Kim has always been extremely close to her sisters. Her family's reality show simply would not work if the love and affection these people have for each other did not shine through at all times.

6. She Has Her Own Style

She Has Her Own Style
This style often includes sheer tops and anything that reveals a lot of cleavage. But we're not complaining! Kim has grown into a fashion icon for a reason.

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