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Khloe Kardashian is having a baby.

Despite no confirmation just yet from either the mother-to-be, boyfriend Tristan Thompson or anyone associated with this couple, we know this much to be true.

And now we know something else as well…

A Kiss Between Lovers

… the gender of said baby!

According to Us Weekly insiders, the reality star and the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward are expecting a little BOY!

How exciting, right?!?

So much more exciting than a little girl.

(We kid, of course, but we do find it funny how people get SO excited over a gender reveal. It can only be one of two things. And friends are gonna act all psyched no matter which it is.

But we digress.)

Because neither Khloe nor Tristan has talked openly about their first child together, we don’t know exactly when Khloe is due.

Sources, however, have claimed she’ll likely give birth in March or early spring.

Khloe Kardashian Sizzles

Sources also claim that Kardashian is "hungrier than ever." For food, that is. Not for pregnancy sex.

And while Khloe has been anxious to start a family for a long time, there’s one aspect of being pregnant that doesn’t have her all that happy: The weight gain.

An insider told Radar Online a couple weeks ago that “nothing fits and her weight insecurities have come flooding back," which is a shame because Khloe has worked so hard to feel positive about her body.

She still should, of course, as pregnancy is a beautiful miracle.

But it can be difficult to have that mindset when one looks in the mirror and sees a growing belly.

Kardashian reportedly visited a specialist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a 20-week checkup on October 9 and both Mom and Baby are doing well.

The former is also sticking to her fitness regimen, Us Weekly writes, doing “more cardio” and “less intensive” workouts as she gets closer to her due date.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on SnapChat

Many are now wondering whether Kardashian and Thompson will get married.

The stars seem extremely happy just the way they are, but pressure may soon mount once they become parents of a baby son.

“Marriage is definitely in the cards,” an insider tells the aforementioned tabloid, adding:

“They are just waiting for the right time to move forward. Khloé doesn’t want to rush into anything.”

That’s fair. And probably smart.

Elsewhere in the family, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will soon welcome another child via surrogate… while Kylie Jenner is ALSO pregnant with her first kid!

How crazy is that?!?

Aside from all the kisses, cuddles and tummy time these family members will soon enjoy with their bundles of joy, the siblings will also be coming into a lot of money.

So they have that going for them, which is nice.