Jill Duggar: Latest Photo Has Fans Concerned For Her Sons

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Jill Duggar is no stranger to parenting controversies.

The reality star and mother of two has been berated by fans for her perceived lack of parenting ability on numerous occasions.

Jill Duggar Tortilla Controversy

Most recently, Jill was criticized for putting a tortilla on son Samuel's head in order to prevent sunburn during a family outing.

(If that's not a prime example of how far fans will go in order to tear Jill down and attack her fitness as a mother, we don't know what is.)

Prior to that, Jill was slammed for putting Samuel at risk before he was even born by traveling to areas afflicted by the Zika virus while she was pregnant.

Now, she's being criticized for putting her youngest son in harm's way for a very different reason.

The photo below has attracted criticism from fans for reasons that may not be immediately apparent.

It's sort of like a Where's Waldo game--examine the image and see if you can find the red-and-white striped source of controversy:

Derick, Samuel & Israel Dillard

As you can see, it's a photo of Derick burping 3-month old Samuel.

Sam's older brother, Israel, is seated between his father's feet, and it's that positioning that has fans upset.

“Oh dear Israel! You’re right in the line of fire! Hahaha,” commented one fan.

“Adorable, but I can’t help but see that Israel is in perfect position to receive the spit-up!” wrote another.

Jill could've played the pic up for laughs, but it seems she was unaware of the potential for disaster.

"You are the best papa in the whole world!!! I love you so much!" she captioned the pic.

Jill, Derick Dillard, Family

Like we said, it's one of the more innocuous Duggar photos to come under fire in the history of Duggar photos coming under fire.

In addition to the fact that little Izzy might find himself taking a pre-digested Gerber shower, fans have taken issue with the pic for yet another asinine reason.

It seems some believe that Jill and Derick have been negligent in their parenting duties--because they haven't been posting on Instagram as often.

First, Jill's followers complained that they've seen fewer photos of Israel ever since Sam was born. 

Now, they're taking issue with the fact that the Dillards have yet to acknowledge Sam's recent 3-month milestone.

Further proof that while there's plenty of legitimate reasons to gripe about the Duggars, certain fans will always dig deep for the most petty complaints imaginable.

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