Janelle Brown: Sister Wives Star Debuts Dramatic Weight Loss!

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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives, along with her husband, Kody, was in Las Vegas over the weekend, even the night before the Las Vegas shooting that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured 527.

Janelle updated her Instagram to make sure that everyone knew that she and the whole Brown family are okay. So don't panic.

But Janelle had also shared a photo, below, and it is striking how much weight she has lost. You might not recognize her.

The Sister Wives

Sister Wives gets a lot of criticism, but it tends to have much less to do with the titular wives and a lot more to do with the family's husband, Kody Brown.

Kody just comes across as unlikable and more than a little creepy.

The Browns agreed to do the show because they wanted to help normalize polygamy and to push for legalization.

A lot of people who are totally in support of legalizing the marriages of more than two consenting adults are disappointed, because Sister Wives does not really show a great example of healthy polyamory.

Instead, we get Kody. Off-putting and obnoxious Kody.

On the plus side, we've gotten to know the wives themselves by watching the series. And their children, and their children's loved ones.

While Meri Brown had a disappointing reaction to learning that her daughter was gay, other moms have had more positive reactions to their children's love lives.

Like Janelle, whose son Logan Brown recently got engaged.

But anyway, this is about Janelle, specifically.

Janelle Brown in Purple

So, as we said, Kody and Janelle were in Vegas over the weekend.

On Sunday, Janelle shared the (below) photo with the caption:

"Kody and I may really regret the second night in a row LOL. But we couldn't pass up Depeche Mode! I love the concert opportunities Las Vegas . #wemaybecrazy @kodywinnbrown"

Like we said, they're totally okay, unlike hundreds of victims of the terrorist shooting.

But one very striking thing about the photo is how much trimmer Janelle's face looks.

Take a look:

Janelle Brown Weight Loss with Kody Brown

She really does look dramatically thinner.

Sometimes, people's faces are the last parts of them that lose weight.

In a video fro TLC, Janelle has spoken about her weight loss journey.

"You know, I’ve been making some big changes in my life -- trying to get myself healthier and my kids healthier -- and part of that is what I’ve been fixing for dinner and that I’ve been fixing dinner."

She's been combining diet and exercise, which really is the best path to changing your figure and, often, one's health.

"So I’m a big bargain shopper and a coupon shopper -- so I have a pantry, and I stock it full of things when they are on sale, they’re cheap. But really, not a lot of processed foods; I don’t keep a lot of pastries, or even a lot of pasta."

Pasta is delicious, but we'll grudgingly admit that it's usually not conducive to weight loss and should therefore be eaten sparingly if you're looking to change your habits.

"I used to be a person that would order out or drive-thru somewhere two or three nights a week."

For some people, that's the healthiest choice. Depending on how much time you have in the day, ordering delivery might be your only way to be sure that you make healthy choices.

If you don't have much time, something like curry with all of its vegetables could be a much better option than heating up some frozen enchiladas. Not everyone has time to prepare a full meal.

But if she does, that's great. It's clearly working for her.

"And i’ve come back to really making the base of our meals -- meat, or protein, fish, or chicken, whatever it is that I have -- and then fruits and vegetables, and then adding potatoes or whatever it is that I have around the same for the children."

Really thinking about what you're putting into your meals and therefore into your body is a smart choice.

"I’ve seen our overall health improve, I’ve seen our grocery budget go down, and I think it’s pretty much changed the way that we’re eating at home. And that’s really led to great success in my fitness journey as well -- to improve the way that I’m eating."

That's so great!

Janelle Brown in Black

Now, if Janelle could only lose ... however much Kody weighs. You know, like the classic divorcee quote: "I just lost 200 pounds!" Or, you know, whatever the ex-husband weighs.

Actually, we've heard repeatedly that Kody Brown might lose all four sister-wives, but they never seem to part ways.

Is it just wishful thinking on our part that they'll start living their own lives and stop living under Kody's thumb?

Could it be that Kody has qualities that make him an admirable husband and the camera has just failed to capture those?

Probably not.

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