Prince Harry: Did Meghan Markle's Dad Give Him Permission to Propose?

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If you've been following news of the couple, then you know that a Prince Harry-Meghan Markle engagement announcement is expected any day now.

Many believe Harry and Meghan are already engaged and currently preparing a suitably royal announcement, while others think Harry has yet to pop the question.

Prince Harry Kisses Meghan Markle

Whatever the case, it seems pretty clear that both parties are prepared to take the next step in their relationship.

Harry was in Toronto for the Invictus Games last week, and it's been rumored that he took some steps toward making Meghan his wife during his time on this side of the pond.

Toronto is not only Meghan's adopted hometown due to the fact that Suits is filmed there, it's also where several of her family members permanently reside.

Most significantly, Meghan's father lives in Toronto, and sources that claimed that old-fashioned Harry seized the chance to ask Thomas Markle for his daughter's hand in marriage.

“Harry asked Meghan’s father for her hand in marriage the last time he was in Canada, and Thomas was very happy to give his blessing," an insider tells Hollywood Life.

Meghan Markle Rocks This Look

"Thomas loves Harry, as do all of Meghan’s family, and he especially loves how happy his daughter is, and how much Harry clearly adores her.”

The source adds that Harry has already secured permission to propose to Meghan from the most prominent member of his own family.

"Harry has also asked his grandmother for permission to marry, which she has granted,” says the insider.

“The Queen met Meghan earlier this month, and was quite taken with her. So, she is very happy for [Meghan] to join the family," the source adds.

Yes, it sounds like this thing is really happening.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Hold Hands

Obviously, women all over the world are heartbroken by the prospect of the world's most eligible bachelor being taken off the market for good, but let's take a moment to remember the real victims here.

We're talking, of course, about those us who were holding out hope for a second season of I Want to Marry Harry.

The new round of contestants will never believe a married prince would go on a reality show to find a new wife.

Of course, we wouldn't have believed they'd be able to find a group of women who could be convinced that an unmarried prince would go on a reality show to find a wife, so who knows?

Either way, our premature congrats go out to Harry and Meghan.

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