Kody Brown Might Lose All FOUR Sister Wives!

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Nobody outside of Sister Wives seems to actually like Kody Brown.

He's obnoxious and hella rude, and it sounds like, lately, his behaviors been getting worse and worse. To the point where he may lose everything.

Kody Brown on TLC

We don't know if he's spiraling in a quest for ratings or if he's authentically preparing to crash and burn, but frankly it doesn't really matter -- he doesn't deserve his wives.

They don't deserve to have to put up with him. And according to a new report, all four of them have started to realize that, too.

So, as we already talked about, Kody Brown is rude and maybe even verbally abusive to his four wives.

That, by itself, is more than enough reason to drop him in the garbage where he belongs and move on with your lives.

And there's the boundless tensions brought up when he added his fourth wife, Robyn, to the fold.

But it's also sounding like Kody might be looking for more young women to marry.

Kody Brown Listens

At this point, he's seeming less like a man committed to polygamy and more like a man who's less interested in his committed partners and more interested in chasing new, young women.

That doesn't sound like a "polygamist role model."

(Not that he's ever lived up to that aspiration)

That sounds more like ... that hot mugshot guy's recent antics.

And the results aren't pretty.

Specifically, it looks like Kody Brown's wives want to leave him.

But that same report mentions that Kody might be wanting to leave them anyway and build himself a new family.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Pic

Now, we've heard stories about Kody Brown's wives leaving him before.

So we always try to take these things with a grain of salt.

It was only a few months ago that Robyn seemed adamant that she wasn't leaving Kody.

But is it possible that she was just putting on a brave face?

And while the idea of him wanting to set aside his current wives and build a new family from scratch sounds far-fetched.

Like ... Kody Brown's behavior has always been out there.

And it's been getting worse, lately.

If he's having some sort of midlife crisis or whatever, who knows what he's planning?

Kody and His Sister Wives

A lot of reality shows are a mixed bag.

Sister Wives is not.

It's bad.

See, polyamory -- non-monogamous relationships involving more than just two people -- can be wonderful.

Many thruples and triads and other groups of partners find that it makes their lives wonderful.

And while the term polygamy implies that it's just one many marrying multiple women and that's the extent of everyone's relationships, that can still work and be a good thing, too.

The whole reason that Kody and his wives wanted to do Sister Wives in the first place is because they wanted to increase acceptance of polygamy.

That's a very noble goal.

Mariah, Meri and Kody Brown

It might make taxes and inheritance and insurance and a few other things a little complicated, but is that really a deciding factor?

We can't really think of a legal justification for preventing a group of committed adults from making their relationship as official as everyone else's.

And Sister Wives was supposed to help normalize this in the minds of middle America.

Unfortunately, because this relationship has Kody at the center, they may have set back the fight for polygamy by a few decades.

And, by extension, the push for wider acceptance of polyamory.

So ... thanks, Kody.

As always, we won't take any stories at face value until they're substantiated.

It's especially easy to believe stories that the wives are planning on leaving Kody, because every viewer wants them to run off.

Confirmation bias is the psychological phenomenon that describes why we want to automatically believe things that fit our worldview.

And nobody's worldview finds Kody Brown to be an ideal mate.

No matter what this story says, we more than suspect that Kody Brown's wives know that.

But that doesn't mean that they'll actually take the steps necessary to leave him.

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