Cardi B GOES OFF on "Racist" Albany, Says She Hates Weed

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It's a controversial time these days to be a member of the Love & Hip Hop community.

And, yes, we know what you're thinking:

When is it NOT a controversial time for those who star on this VH1 franchise?

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But a couple of recent incidents have really shed some scandalous light on two legendary Love & Hip Hop personalities.

First, Hazel-E positively slammed gay people and dark-skinned women via an Instagram rant that must be read to be believed.

And now Cardi B is here to insult an entire city in the state of New York.

The artist was given the boot over the weekend from a Hilton hotel in Albany because her and her entourage were accused of smoking marijuana.

While no one from the hotel itself has confirmed this took place, local police have at least told E! News that they responded to a report from the establishment.

Shortly afterward, TMZ shared a video of Cardi B exiting the premises and screaming at some “racist motherf-cker” nearby… while also seeming to known down a display.

Then, on Sunday morning, Cardi B went ahead and addressed the controversy. As only she can. 

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"So me & my team got kicked out of this hotel in Albany cause my floor smell like weed... I hate weed," she Tweeted yesterday morning.

Okay, simple enough. There's her side and her defense.

But Cardi B was far from finished.

"You wanna know something? Albany is known for being racist," she added in a separate Instagram video, getting worked up and elaborating:

"The floor that I was staying in in my hotel room, it smelled like weed.

"So the cops came in the middle of the night, knocking on my manager and on my door, talking about that we were smoking weed and we gotta get kicked out."

Cardi B

These cops clearly aren't among the nearly 11.8 million people who follow Cardi B on Instagram or watch her antics on television, however.

Otherwise, she says, they would know "I do not smoke weed; I get very paranoid."

As for her friends and colleagues?

"None of my team members smoke weed. We could all get drug tests - nobody smokes. Nobody smokes.

"Especially when I'm sleeping're not gonna do that to me. Mind you, everybody on the floor was Caucasian but you wanna kick us out."

She continued:

"And then n---as is just gonna pick out of everybody on the floor, Caucasians, that it was us that was smoking the weed in the middle of the night?

"That s--t is not f--king right. Like, n---as was really being racists. Motherf--kers was being prejudiced and picking on who the f--k they thought that was smoking weed and you got the wrong f--king one.

"I'm telling you, I do not smoke weed."

Cardi B concluded that she hesitates to pull the "race card" because typically she doesn't roll like that.

But what choice does she have in view of what happened?

"That is the only explanation that I could f-cking find because I don't understand," she said, adding:

"I don't walk around with a whole entourage; it just be me, my manager, my security guard, the DJ and my dancers and nobody smokes weed.

"So for motherf-ckers to just say like, 'Oh, we're kicking you guys out because there's a smell of marijuana,' so why don't ya'll search the room? And then they told us that earlier, there was some rap artist that was smoking weed and they got kicked out too.

"We're not associated with them. So why- I just can't. I can't, really. I really can't."

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