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Hazel-E stars on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

But the Z-list star is in major hot water at the moment for showing no love whatsoever for members of the LGBT community.

Hazel-E Photo
Photo via Instagram

The cable network star has stirred up some major controversy for jumping to the defense of boyfriend Rose Burgundy after he (yes, Rose is a he) was accused of wanting to cheat on Hazel with a comedian named Jess Hilarious.

At some point, screenshots of an alleged conversation between Rose and Jess were uploaded by a social media user named Camyonce – and they implied that Burgundy is bisexual.

Very offended by the notion that he wanted to have sex with a man, Burgundy shared the following message on Instagram:

“You really want to know how I feel about gays so bad well here you go I hope all gays die and go to hell thats where I’m come from Bi**h check your lies before you post I’m from piru Bi**h I’m 25 not 19 and it’s Denzell with 2 L’S Bi**h google me.

Oh, and did we mention he left this message alongside a photo of a gay pride flag on fire?

Burgundy has made his account private, so we cannot post the offensive picture here.

Hazel-E, Boyfriend
Photo via Instagram

But Hazel chimed in on the comments section with the following remark:

"Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible!”

The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member then shared the above image of her and Burgundy and wrote as a caption:

We are tired of the bs & we will defend ourselves at all costs.

Y’all making up posts, I’m stating facts. Go read the Bible, google self hatred amongst black women then come holla at this Queen.

Hazel also posted since-deleted photos about Jess Hilarious and calling her a “raggedy broke black ass bitch” and a “monkey,” while slamming other dark-skinned women as well.

To wit:

Mean Words

It’s all pretty darn ugly and gross.

Thankfully, plenty of folks on the World Wide Web were made aware of Hazel’s comments and responded with harsh words for the intolerant wanna be celebrity.

Again, to wit:

Hazel-E slamming

Neither Hazel-E nor Burgundy have commented on this scandal.

We aren’t exactly waiting on an apology, either.

But we also won’t be watching Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood until Hazel is fired.

Do you feel the same way?