Jenelle Evans & David Eason: MAJOR Relationship Problems Exposed on Teen Mom 2!

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If you watched last night's Teen Mom 2 season premiere then you know that things are still a bit tempestuous in the life of the mom dubbed the Carolina Hurricane.

We're talking, of course, about Jenelle Evans, and for perhaps the first time in ther series' run, fans were actually surprised to see Evans ranting at raving at her loved ones.

Jenelle Evans' Kissy Face with David Eason

You'd think such behavior would be expected at this point, but in recent interviews, Jenelle has opened up about her difficult past and revealed that she feels she's finally able to put the strife and conflict of her early twenties behind her.

However, last night's episode reminded fans that while change and growth are always possible, the process is often glacially slow, and to a certain extent, Jenelle will always be Jenelle.

The tension between Evans and Eason began when her son Kaiser broke an ornament while decorating the family Christmas tree.

“Come get him or something, it’s bullsh-t,” David said, as Jenelle fired back:

“I can’t keep bending down and getting up it hurts my back. I’m not supposed to be carrying Kaiser. Thanks for being such a gentleman.”

Jenelle Evans' Car Selfie

The drama continued when Jenelle and David learned they would be forced to relocate to a new rental home due to potentially toxic mold in their current residence.

“Now where are we going to sleep? In a hotel?” Jenelle asked. “What are we going to do? I’m going to freak out if I have to stay in this house another day.”

When Eason shot back that he instructed Jenelle to go to the rental house earlier that day, she quite reasonably argued that it's no easy feat for her to make a new home livable while pregnant and caring for a toddler.

“You act like it’s my fault," Eason shouted.

"I told you at least six times, leave this house! We shouldn’t even be in this house. It has f--king mold in it, you should be gone. I’ll clean this sh-t up.”

Jenelle Evans and Baby Ensley Jolie

Jenelle blamed the situation on David's decision to spend the day boozing:

“I’m upset. If he didn’t procrastinate and drink all day, that’s why he’s still moving sh-t," she told producers.

“He hangs out with his friends more frequently, I don’t have any f--king friends. I don’t have a boyfriend. I just don’t have anyone. I’m always alone.”

Yes, at one point, it sounded as though Jenelle was ready to call it quits with her third baby daddy.

These days, of course, Jenelle and David are still engaged, so it's safe to assume they've sorted things out.

Still, last night reminded us that the Carolina Hurricane isn't done raging.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Jenelle and David's stormy relationship.

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