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April Love Geary, Robin Thicke’s super young fiancee, is a gorgeous young, young woman.

Well, now April is pregnant with Robin Thicke’s baby, and she’s even showing off her baby bump.

This couple is controversial, with good reason, but that doesn’t mean that you want to miss April Love Geary’s bikini baby bump selfie.

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April Love Geary is due March 1st, and while that’s obviously a very tentative date — due dates for babies don’t work like due dates for essays, folks — it’s the birthday of Robin Thicke’s late father.

That’s a very sweet coincidence, right? April thinks so.

April Love Geary is a very slender young woman, but people can carry their pregnancies in very different ways.

She still has another six months to go, but she’s already showing off that baby bump for her Instagram followers to see.

Just look at that bump!

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Let’s be honest, folks:

There are valid reasons to be less than excited about Robin Thicke and his fiancee, as a couple and as expecting parents.

For one thing, there’s their 18-year age gap.

Robin Thicke is 40, while April Love Geary is but 22 years old.

Then there’s the overwhelming sleaziness of Robin Thicke’s only well-known song, "Blurred Lines."

(Though Robin Thicke lost the lawsuit over "Blurred Lines" to Marvin Gaye’s lawyers, so it’s effectively no longer his hit, right?)

Most of that just amounts to Robin Thicke having done a creepy song and being a creep so people are happy to pick on him for dating a girl young enough that their age gap can vote.

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Unfortunately, it gets a bit more serious than that.

Because Robin Thicke has been accused of beating his ex-wife and abusing their son.

Paula Patton’s allegations, that Robin has punched her and that he on at least one occasion responded to his son’s request for a nighttime hug with violence, explain the end of their marriage but also make the idea of him having a new wife and a new child … nauseating, at best.

Paula Patton’s accusations mention that Robin Thicke’s drug use exacerbates this behavior, which … is the opposite of an excuse.

As a general rule, it’s rare for abusers to change their behavior. What appears to be a recovery and a pledge to do better can sometimes be the product of age or fear of once again being exposed rather than a genuine desire to change and be a better person.

If the accusations against Robin Thicke are true, sure, it’s possible that April and her unborn child won’t see that side of him … but we’d never risk it, for ourselves or our children.

Would you?

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But maybe Robin Thicke is one of those rare people who commits to make a change and he’s totally turned himself around.

While we still wouldn’t blame anyone for refusing to touch him with a ten-foot-pole, the people who do choose to spend time around him despite the accusations against him might be happy with the man they see.

April Love Geary certainly seems happy with her fiance and with her baby bump.

We can’t wait to see how much that belly grows!