Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Won't Pay Child Support!

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It's been over two months since Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third child, Lux Russell Lowry, but it's still unclear where she stands with the boy's father, Chris Lopez.

Throughout Kailyn's pregnancy, it looked as though Lopez wasn't planning on playing any part in his son's life.

Kailyn and Baby Lo

Fans were pleasantly surprised, however, when Lopez drove Lowry home from the hospital after unexpectedly standing by her side in the delivery room.

Unfortunately, it seems Chris' commitment to fatherhood was extremely short-lived, and it now looks as though he and Kailyn are no longer on speaking terms.

The first indication that something was amiss came when Kailyn announced the baby would have her last name, not Chris'.

Now, confirmation of the trouble between Lopez and Lowry comes to us courtesy of a new report published by Radar Online:

A source close to the situation tells Radar that Chris is refusing to honor his financial obligation to Kailyn, and she Lowry now believes she'll be forced to take legal action.

Kailyn Lowry on the Couch

“My guess is he won’t acknowledge paternity so she can’t file for child support,” an insider close to Kailyn tells the site.

“They give a form in the hospital, but he didn’t sign it," the tipster adds.

“Her lawyer drew something up and they are going through the court because he doesn’t have any rights to Lux without signing,” the insider said.

The source says that Kailyn is not allowing Chris any visitation rights until he works out a child support plan.

“He’s not seeing the baby right now for those reasons," the insider claims.

Kailyn and Family

Obviously, with a hit reality series, another TV show on the way, and multiple book deals, Kailyn isn't exactly hard up for cash, but she refuses to let Chris off the hook.

And with good reason.

Not only is Chris legally obligated to help provide for his child, he apparently wasn't the greatest boyfriend during his short time with Kailyn.

“Chris did nothing but cheat on her,” says the source.

Here's hoping Kail takes him for everything he's got.

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