Rain Brown Cites Depression, Sends Note to Alaskan Bush People Fans

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Rain Brown has been going through a lot over the past several months.

As reported on at length, the Alaskan Bush People star and her siblings are faced with the strong possibility that their mother will soon pass away, considering Ami Brown's lung cancer diagnosis.

In response, the 14-year old has been taking often to social media, having to actually deal with trolls who are giving her a hard time over the way she's handling this difficult situation.

Thankfully, Rain hasn't been backing down.

In a new Instagram post, the teenager opened up like never before about her present state of mind, her past and how no one should ever lose hope.

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1. Some Background:

Some Background:
Rain has starred on Alaskan Bush People since its very first episode. She has basically grown up in the spotlight, due to the popularity of this Discovery Channel series.

2. She Calls Her Social Media Followers "Rainbows"

She Calls Her Social Media Followers "Rainbows"
Get it? We sort of love it. And Brown has always been very open about herself and her family on Instagram.

3. Tragedy Hits

Tragedy Hits
Mother Ami Brown has stage four lung cancer. Her odds of long-term survival are very low. Rain has not talked specifically about this sad situation very often, but she has referenced it in general and thanked fans for their support, saying at one point: "Love is never wrong… just be and love yourself the rest will fall into place… All of your support and love is amazing and it’s great to know there are so many Rainbows out there."

4. That Brings Us to This Meme

That Brings Us to This Meme
Rain shared it on September 28, 2017 and used it as a jumping off point to send her followers an important message.

5. Take It Away, Rain:

Take It Away, Rain:
This is how Rain opened her emotional note: "This probably speaks to a lot of you out there and I just wanted to let you know you're not alone and your feelings matter!..."

6. I Feel Your Pain:

I Feel Your Pain:
"The way you feel isn't stupid, I've struggled with a lot of depression over the last couple years, I was told it was puberty I was told I was too young to feel any real emotion that I "wasn't fully developed so my brain couldn't have actually been depressed" one of the main things I struggle with is my age.

7. Who is Anyone to Judge Me?

Who is Anyone to Judge Me?
"All my life Ive always been told that I couldn't do this or that because of my age and more recently I've have had a ton of people telling me that I don't know what I want and that Im making a mistake, no matter what I did people told me I was too young and I was stupid. But they are wrong, I know what I want I know what is right and wrong, and this is MY life, no one else has control only me.

8. Trying to Help:

Trying to Help:
"Now I don't know if y'all ever had this problem but I defiantly know y'all have had problems, and they deserve to be heard, use this hashtag #speakoutagainstdepression in the comments and speak out, everyone deserves to be heard."

9. Nothing But Gratitude:

Nothing But Gratitude:
"I love you guys, it does get better, and you can get through this."

10. In Conclusion:

In Conclusion:
Rain ended her note with these hashtags: "#staysrong #stayhappy #speakout."

11. Positive Replies Abound:

Positive Replies Abound:
Many of Rain's followers had their own stories to share. This was one of them.

12. Amen, Rain

Amen, Rain
Fans were incredibly thankful and supportive of Rain after she opened up in such a personal manner.

13. We Send All the Alaskan Bush People Our Best Wishes During This Trying Time

We Send All the Alaskan Bush People Our Best Wishes During This Trying Time
We'll keep them in our thoughts while they struggle with Ami's tragic diagnosis.

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