Meghan McCain Joins The View as Co-Host, Replacing Jedidiah Bila

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With Jedidiah Bila departing The View, there has been one name popping up left, right and center about who could be replacing her on the ABC talk show. 

That name is Meghan McCain, and according to Variety, she has accepted a regular co-hosting gig on the show. Her first episode is scheduled to air in October. 

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She will join Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Paula Faris, and Sunny Hostin on the popular series. 

According to the report, Meghan was the top choice because the show was looking for a young conservative voice. McCain's casting could make for buzzier stories that get people talking. 

More of the same is not good, so it was always a given that someone would be hired with different political views. The show may revolve around women chatting about topical matters, but viewers likely tune in for some debates. 

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Isn't it great when people are on live TV chatting about their differing opinions? We sure hope Meghan is a worthy addition to the team because she's going to have to hold her own. 

McCain is the daughter of U.S. Senator and 2008 presidential nominee John McCain and has been very open about her political views in the past. 

The cast for the view has been changing a lot over the last few years. The show has had the likes of Raven Symone, Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez, Michelle Collins, and Candace Cameron Bure, but none of them have had much in the way of staying power.

Barbara Walters retired in 2014, and there's been something missing from the show ever since. Walters was always the one who was on tap with fresh and exciting comments about current events, and that's part of what made the show an early success. 

With the show experiencing multi-year highs in the ratings of late, could it climb higher with the addition of McCain? We have no idea, but it's sure fun to speculate. 

McCain has previously appeared on Fox News' Outnumbered and Pivot's TakePart Live, so she definitely has the experience to join the ranks of The View!

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What do you think about this decision?

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