Josh Duggar Resurfaces, Provokes Outrage From Fans

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It's been just over two years since the world learned that Josh Duggar molested five young women - four of whom were his sisters - and managed to avoid prosecution for his crimes with the help of his parents.

In most cases, that's not the sort of scandal that celebrities are able to overcome.

Josh and Anna at Joseph Duggar's Wedding

The Duggars enjoy the support of an unusually devoted fan base, of course, so to the chagrin of many, they've engineered a comeback of sorts.

Soon after Josh's molestation and infidelity were exposed, TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting, though it was soon reborn as Counting On.

Unfortunately for the Duggar family, even reality TV's most cultish, Kool-Aid drinking viewers draw the line somewhere.

That line appears to be all things Josh.

Yes, per the terms of the family's unofficial contract with fans, Josh Duggar is not welcome on Counting On.

In fact, the family is so concerned with not reminding fans about Josh's heinous misdeeds that he's been edited out of footage that was later used on the show after accidentally wandering into a shot (see gallery below).

But while the Duggars seem to be doing their best to distance themselves from Josh in public, they still interact with him regularly off camera.

Family events, of course, present a unique challenge.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Josh and wife Anna are invited to birthday parties, weddings, and the like, but must do their best to keep a safe distance between themselves and the camera crews that are invariably on hand.

But while Josh will likely never appear on Counting On, his family seems to have relaxed their attitude toward the disgraced 29-year-old appearing and speaking in public forums.

Above, you will see video of Josh and Anna at Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding, which took place over the weekend.

The young couple got hitched after a three-month engagement, and as you can see, Josh and Anna offered their congrats via video.

Not surprisingly, fan reactions to the rare Josh appearance - or continued existence in general, really - were decidedly mixed.

Some praised the former lobbyist for showing his face on his brother's big day, knowing he remains a target for the most scathing sort of criticism.

Anna, Josh Duggar Pic

Others called attention to the jaw-dropping irony of a sex offender and serial adulterer offering up marital advice:

"So awesome to see how they sought God in the midst of their hardest times. Very inspiring! God bless,” wrote one fan.

“I love seeing Josh and Anna. Such a beautiful example of God’s redemptive abilities in our lives."

At least we think that was ironic?

“Let’s hope Joe treats his wife better than Josh,” countered another Duggar fan, whose opinion was clearer.

Others still pointed out that guests at Joseph and Kendra's wedding were given sparklers at the reception, which may have been a strategic move.

“If I were potentially editing someone out of a background in something, I’d love there to be sparklers,” wrote one user on the Free Jinger website.

As you can see above, TLC has used similar tactics before.

Obviously, Josh will never gain the acceptance of his family's many detractors, and even some Duggar fans struggle with his continued inclusion in family events.

But it seems clear that despite his many appalling misdeeds and the fact that Josh is currently locked in a legal battle with his own sisters, the Duggar clan isn't giving up on him just yet.

Don't forget to watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family, who return with a new season this evening.

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