Eric Bolling, Jr.: Cause of Death Revealed?

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We have an update on the tragic passing of Eric Chase Bolling, Jr.

The son of former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling, this 19-year old died on Friday, mere hours after his father was let go by the aforementioned cable network due to a texting scandal.

Eric Bolling Photograph

The elder Bolling had been suspended a month earlier amidst accusations that he sent explicit photos of his genitalia to a trio of female co-workers a few days ago.

We don't bring this up to embarrassment Bolling.

Or to add insult to very painful personal injury or anything.

But insider tell TMZ that the death of Bolling's son was connected to his father's professional scandal.

Following initial report that Bolling Jr. killed himself, TMZ updated its website to allege that the teenager actually overdosed on drugs of some kind.

According to sources close to the situation, Eric Chase was "destroyed" internally as a result of what transpired between his dad and Fox News.

Eric Bolling, Son

The senior Bolling was well aware that his son was struggling with the situation, which is why he agreed to part ways with his employer earlier than previously planned.

He wanted to spare his loved ones any further exposure to this ordeal.

Tragically, however, it was too late.

Eric Chase was reportedly found dead in his bed at home on Friday afternoon, with the covers pulled up over his body as if he were simply fast asleep.

There was no suicide note. There were no pill bottles found at the scene. Nor was there any drug paraphernalia.

The details around this death remain a mystery.

Eric Chase Bolling, Jr.

Still, TMZ writes that "the operating theory" at the moment remains that Eric Chase died from an overdose.

As one source tells the celebrity gossip website:  "19-year-olds just don't go to sleep and not wake up."

Eric Sr. learned of his son's death just two hours after he parted ways with Fox News.

A toxicology report and an autopsy will be conducted at some point this week, both of which ought to provide more information on this tragic passing.

For now, we continue to send our condolences to Eric Bolling and his family.

Eric Bolling, Jr. was he and his wife's only child.

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