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When it rains, it pours, huh?

This can be said for bad news, actual rain, and also disturbing court documents from Jenelle Evans’ latest custody battle.

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As we discussed yesterday, Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, has just filed for emergency custody of Nathan’s son with Jenelle, Kaiser.

According to her, neither of Kaiser’s parents were fit to care for him, so she had to step in.

In the documents we saw yesterday, one of the big issues with Jenelle is her ongoing love of marijuana — she loves it so much that she was allegedly unable to stop smoking during her last pregnancy.

Doris dropped the bomb that when Ensley was born, she tested positive for marijuana, and DSS investigated Jenelle for several months.

During the investigation, David Eason also tested positive, so it would seem like there’s a lot of smoking going on out on Jenelle’s swamp.

The news was definitely alarming, and pretty tragic, but in newly released documents from Doris’ filing, things are only getting sadder.

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In these papers, Kaiser’s grandma claims that the poor little boy was sick earlier this year for several months, "but never seemed to get better every time he visited."

She took him to a doctor herself, and he was prescribed a nebulizer to help with his congestion, but when Grandma Doris saw him again a few weeks later, "he was sick again with a runny nose and congestion" because Jenelle never used the treatment.

Doris also says that during one day this summer, "Jace and the minor child Kaiser were locked out of the house on a very hot day and not allowed back in for a very long time."

She says that when she went to pick Kaiser up from Jenelle’s home one day, he was alone in the yard — at just two years old then, he would be much, much too young for that.

Then, "after several minutes," Jenelle saw that Doris’ car had pulled up "and came running out apologizing that she didn’t realize the minor child was outside alone."

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As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was another day this summer when Jace was "lost in the woods for two hours due to improper supervision."

Doris says that Jenelle is so bad at parenting that she forgot to set up arrangements for Kaiser’s care when she was gone to the MTV Video Music Awards last month.

After having Kaiser for a few days, poor ol’ Doris pulled up to the spot where she and Jenelle were supposed to meet for the drop-off, but Jenelle wasn’t there.

She texted her and got no response, and when she called her, she also got no response.

Doris then called up Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, who told her that she was out in L.A. for the awards show "so there was no way she would be there for the exchange."

She says that Barbara also told her that she is "extremely concerned" for Kaiser.

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After that, David called her up to tell her that they’d be gone until that Tuesday, though no one had mentioned it to her.

Finally, Doris claims that Jenelle "has admitted she does not know how to deal with Kaiser and that is why she placed him in daycare."

It’s all pretty heartbreaking, right? And, sadly, it’s also pretty easy to believe.

As we’ve seen on the current season of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle really doesn’t seem to able to parent Kaiser — she acts like he’s impossible to manage, even though he’s just behaving like a normal toddler.

When she feels like he needs discipline, she turns to David. Actually, when Kaiser needs anything, she turns to David.

We’ve seen her yell at him, sling him around, ignore him … it’s honestly been pretty hard to watch.

But is Jenelle’s treatment of Kaiser bad enough that she’ll lose custody of him?

We suppose only time will tell.