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Alaskan Bush People is reportedly going to resume filming in a few weeks, even as Ami Brown’s battle with cancer continues.

But as many fans as the series has, the show does have its detractor. Some call the show "fake." Others … seem to just hate members of the Brown family and look for any opportunity to give them a hard time.

This time, haters are roasting three of the Brown children over a single photo of the trio out shopping turned up.

Rain Brown, Gabe Brown, Bird Brown
Photo via Instagram

(Not this photo — this one’s from back in March)

Rain Brown often gets hate because she’s on social media.

Rain, Gabe, and Bird seem to have an especially close bond among the Brown siblings, because they often go out and about together.

This time, the three of them went to Target in Santa Monica.

(The audacity!)

Well, the photo got shared by Alaskan Bush People: Exposed, and 

Are you ready to see the photo that had everyone up-in-arms and roasting these three like it’s an aggressively unfunny episode of Fashion Police?

Here it is:

Gabe Brown, Bird Brown, Rain Brown in Target
Photo via Facebook

It just looks like three people in a Target.

But the commenters don’t see it that way:

"What the heck is going on with Gabe?? Maybe he’s depressed cause he looks terrible!"

That’s an awful thing to say!

"What is up with Gabe’s hair? I wonder if he is aware he’s wearing an undershirt."

His hair is his hair. Also, tank tops are just shirts unless you’re going to, like, a wedding. They’re in Target.

"Could someone please dress Bird… she is a fashion disaster."

She can put whatever fabrics over her flesh prison that she likes.

"Gabe please do something with your hair you look like you need a good wash I know you live in the wilderness but you can still be clean."

He doesn’t even look dirty. His hair is just super curly, folks.

"Now that your [sic] not in the woods Bird, please go to a dentist and have your tooth fixed."

You can’t even see her teeth in this pic.

"Does gabe own a shirt."

Again, a tank top is a shirt.

One commenter started off sounding complimentary … but their comment was the grossest of all.

"Rain got her hair styled and hi-lighted when they moved to CA, as well as a modern wardrobe. She was actually looking like jail bait."

Just so that we’re clear, there’s no such thing as "jailbait" … that’s a term used to blame minors for the gross adults who sexualize them. Rain Brown dresses like a teenage girl.

Rain Brown with Bird Brown
Photo via Instagram

A reminder: Alaskan Bush People: Exposed is not a fan-site.

Like, it sort of is … in that it can be a great source of information for fans … but it’s about "exposing" the family and therefore there are going to be a lot of haters.


There were also some complimentary comments.

"Thanks for sharing your picture [of] the kids they all look good."

And, obviously, Ami Brown’s serious health issues are at the forefront of people’s minds.

"Love the picture. Love the family.Love the show. Hope Ami is doing better. GOD BLESS all of you always."

Others took things a step further and tried to defend the Brown children from the hateful comments.

"Talk about cyber bullying. Y’all all should be ashamed of yourself. Hope y’all don’t have kids & have to explain to them what your trying to do then tell them to do the opposite."

Well … this isn’t cyberbullying.

But it is super, super rude and you’d have a hard time justifying your behavior if it weren’t for the relative anonymity of the internet.

Rain Brown and Gabe Brown
Photo via Instagram

One of the people griping about their appearances was apparently offended that some people didn’t like the critical comments.

"Good grief people! They cannot SEE your comments!! This is NOT a fan group! Do you not READ what a group is about before you join it?? What does the group name say??"

Well, since haters don’t hesitate to post nasty things in stars’ social media comments — which many of them do see — we don’t see why people can’t post a few nice comments in other places.

Especially on a site frequented by so many genuine fans.