Teen Mom 2 Recap: When Baby Daddies Simply Suck...

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On Teen Mom 2 Monday night, Kailyn Lowry offered Leah Messer a few words of collegiate wisdom.

Elsewhere, Briana DeJesus basically showed her baby daddy the back of her hand... while Kailyn opened up about her new baby's father, the mysterious Chris Lopez.

Ready for a rundown of the biggest moments and storylines? Let's do this!

Jenelle with a Bottle

DeJesus actually met with an adoption agency to learn more information about the process. She wasn't messing around.

However, ex-boyfriend Luis remained totally and completely against the idea, even wanting to get back together with her despite his sleeping with another woman.

“I think what’s best for my child is to be with her parents,” he said simply, adding that he doesn’t believe what he did was bad enough for Briana to be taking such “drastic measures.”

That's not really for him to decide at this point, though, is it?

He forfeited his right to have any real say when he slipped his penis inside another female's vagina. So argued Briana, basically.

“You’ve got to stop being selfish for a little bit,” she said. “You’re the one that f-cked up.”

Luis didn't exactly help his case with his desperate acts of trying to win her back, either.

A Teen Mom on MTV

For Jenelle Evans, though, her stress had nothing to do with any lying former lovers.

She was somewhat of a mess trying to balance life with a new baby, a recent engagement and major move to a new house.

All she really wanted to do was hit the gym in order to sweat away her concerns, but she had no time to herself. She complained about this situation to fiance David Eason, who took it personally - for some reason.

Don’t f-cking be mad about it all day,” Eason yelled before storming out of his car at one point, which didn’t make Jenelle feel much better.

(Note to men everywhere: Just listen sometimes. That's all your woman wants. Just listen, guys.)

“I’m mad about the way my body looks,” Evans later confessed.

Jenelle with a Bottle

Like Briana, Lowry was also dealing with baby daddy issues, specifically the fact that Chris Lopez apparently “hates people.”

And like Jenelle, she was overwhelmed with her children, slacking on school and making her guidance counselor concerned as a result.

Kailyn also admitted to not getting very much of support from Chris, who she said “comes around when he wants to.”

“I’m going to graduate and I’m going to help myself,” she told her counselor and then she started to get serious about school again, nailing her final project, which made her very, very happy.

Last week on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea DeBoer discovered that ex-lover Adam Lind had tested positive for methamphetamines.

This week, she was worried that his parents might not be taking their required supervision of her daughter as seriously as they should be - and also that Aubree might be exposed to some truly negative things while she visited her father.

The last thing you want is to give your child a drug-addicted father,” she said. “I don’t want her in the house.”

When Aubree returned from her weekend with her grandparents, she didn’t really give her mother much insight into what was said, which concerned Chelsea. 

Finally, Kailyn offered Leah some advice about succeeding in school.

“This is something you want to do and you have to do for yourself,” Lowry told her co-star. “We’re going to literally defy all the statistics.”

Messer later went to her advisor about her chaotic workload and sadly broke down in front of him about her children and how she's the first person in her family to go to college.

“I’m not dropping out or anything, I just want to be successful,” she said. 

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