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We’ve done a terrible disservice, to Peter Kraus but also to his fans.

Sure, we’ve spoken plenty about how he should absolutely be the next Bachelor. We’ve talked about how charming and sincere here is.

What we haven’t done, however, is give sufficient time and attention to Peter Kraus’ abs. And that’s on us.

Peter Kraus Selfie
Photo via Instagram

We’ve mentioned that a major asset of Peter Kraus’ that made him such a stronger contender on The Bachelorette and that should make him such an obvious choice for The Bachelor is that he’s handsome.

Photos of him speak for themselves in that regard, but what if someone with impaired vision has their computer read them posts on Peter Kraus?

They deserve to know.

But his soulful eyes and powerful jawline and winnin, gap-toothed smile don’t tell the whole story.

For the whole story, you need to see this man in all of his glory.

This is a guy who did modeling before he became a fitness trainer, and it shows.

We included this photo when we wrote about Rachel Lindsay claiming that Peter Kraus is manipulative, but we didn’t talk about it.

This photo:

Peter Kraus on a Hot Day
Photo via Instagram

We included it in the post like it’s just a selfie that he snapped at brunch or whatever.

We didn’t give it any time or attention.

That’s basically a crime.

He shared that inescapable thirst trap on Friday.

It’s the kind of pic that might kill you — but it’ll also bring you back to life.

And while we’re talking about Peter Kraus photos, well … there’s this:

Peter Kraus Pool Invitation
Photo via Instagram

This photo has abs and thighs, giving fans and followers a jaw-dropping double-dose.

The pic is also very reminiscent (though probably by accident) of a particular screencap from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that PC Gamer’s Twitter account uses every single time that they write about The Witcher.

They do this to troll insecure followers who didn’t like the particular photo of Geralt in a bathtub.

It’s hard to imagine this photo of Peter Kraus eliciting any complaints, though.

He should just do commercials where he’s posed like that and selling a product.

Any product, really.

Watch the sales go up. Any viewer would be thoroughly entranced.

And here’s one that we included on our list of reasons that Peter Kraus should absolutely be the next Bachelor.

Peter Kraus Instagram Pic
Photo via Instagram

It’s almost enough to make you wonder why we bothered having anything else on the list.

Obviously, as we’ve mentioned, Peter has a lot more going for him than his shockingly chiseled body or his dazzling good looks.

And those will be major assets for him, wherever his career takes him next.

(Hopefully he’ll play the lead on The Bachelor, though he hasn’t yet said if he’d agree to be the Bachelor)

Personality matters when you’re choosing someone with whom you might potentially spend the entire rest of your life, so it’s a huge deal on a show like The Bachelorette.

But most people don’t have the option of dating Peter Kraus, on or off of television. Most people only see him through a screen.

So, though the Bachelor Nation already knows endless reasons why Peter is lovable, it helps to be reminded of exactly what a spectacular catch he is.

You’re welcome, basically.