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Rachel Lindsay has made her decision.

Now it’s time for ABC to do the same.

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With Season 13 of The Bachelorette behind us, and with Lindsay happily engaged to winner Bryan Abasolo, it’s time to turn our attention to the next season of The Bachelor.

It will not premiere until early 2018.

But it’s never too early to speculate over who the network will choose as its next franchise anchor, especially when we know there are really just a couple options.

Lindsay and Abasolo, for example, have already thrown their support behind Alex Bordyukov.

“He’s just quirky, fun personality, funky dresser,” Abasolo said today on Good Morning America. “He’s… a really smart guy. He has a really high I.Q. and I just think he would make an interesting season."

The doctor’s fiancee agrees.

“America didn’t get to see enough of him,” Lindsay said. “Alex is great.”

He’s fine and all, sure.

But rumors have circulated around runner-up Peter Kraus as the next Bachelor for so long that he actually addressed the chatter in late June.

"Rachel’s definitely my focus," Kraus told Entertainment Tonight at the time, adding:

"I haven’t met anybody in my life quite like her, so if I can be that final person with Rachel at the end, I will be the happiest man that I can possibly be."

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Photo via Instagram

It’s that sort of sentiment that turned Kraus into a fan favorite.

But he lost out to Abasolo in the end, prompting chatter to resume over why he may very well be the 2018 Bachelor.

And he should be! Here are just a few reasons why:

Remember that rap? Peter caused no drama throughout his duration in the mansion, instead showcasing a laid back, funny, creative, silly and genuine personality.

"What’s wrong with me?" So Peter cried after being turned down by Rachel on finale, meaning he’s insecure and vulnerable… and therefore ideal as The Bachelor!

Past stars such as Nick Viall and JoJo Fletcher were haunted by the ways in which they had previously been rejected, helping viewers root for them on their future journeys.

He looks like this:

Peter Kraus Instagram Pic
Photo via Instagram

He’s 31 years old. Why is this relevant? At 26, Ben Higgins was the youngest Bachelor in history.

Even Dean Unglert, also 26 years old and a possible contender to be the next Bachelor, admits he has some "maturing" to do before starring on that series.

His parents got engaged after just one month of dating.

So they can’t judge Kraus for asking his eventual winner to marry him after their own brief dating run.

It’s his destiny!

Take a look at this yearbook quote, which the Internet dug up during this season of The Bachelorette:

Krus Profile

The only real question at this point is whether Rachel was actually trying to sabotage Peter’s chances on Monday’s After the Rose special.

On more than one occasion, she told Kraus that dating shows of this nature are "not" for him and his personality.

Will her opinion hold any kind of sway over ABC producers? We can’t imagine so. But still interesting to note.

What do YOU think?

Should Peter Kraus be the next Bachelor?