Miranda Lambert and Anderson East: Getting Engaged?!

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Miranda Lambert's music may be a far cry from Beyonce's, but it sounds like Miranda's boyfriend, Anderson East, listens to Queen Bey's lyrics. Or, at least, to the very firm advice in "Single Ladies."

You know -- the part about putting a ring on it.

Just over two years since new broke that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton had split, it looks like Miranda Lambert has wedding bells on the horizon.

Miranda Lambert Kisses Anderson East

For four years, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were something of a power couple -- within the context of country music, anyway.

After months of the two living separate lives and rumors that Miranda Lambert cheated on Blake, the world finally learned that they filed for divorce in July of 2015.

Breakups can be rough, and celebrity breakups are undoubtedly worse, but ... honestly? It seems like it's been for the better.

For both of them.

Blake Shelton, of course, has his massively publicized relationship with Gwen Stefani.

Just look at how they celebrated his most recent birthday.

But Miranda Lambert's been moving on, too.

She's found a boyfriend in Alabama native and rhythm & blues singer Anderson East.

It sounds like their relationship is about to take an exciting next step!

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert Pic

According to what sources tell Us Weekly, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East could get engaged very soon.

For starters, there's compatibility.

Sources say that the two "are very much in sync."

And they do not mean the boy band.

"He’s crazy about Miranda and she’s so smitten with him as well."

That's been pretty apparent, but it's good to hear.

"Their friends can definitely see them getting engaged in the near future."

Right ... but how near? That's what we want to know.

There have been celebrity engagement that have lasted years and years and others that only last months.

How long is this pre-engagement expected to last, exactly?

"They love to play music together, drink, have fun, and hang out."

We have to say that, while those sound specific to those two, that also sounds almost universal for all human beings who enjoy each other's company.

Maybe not the music part ... though plenty of people have made music with friends at some point or another.

Miranda Lambert With CMA Awards

Miranda hasn't been shy about her affections.

Back on Anderson East's 30th birthday -- she's only three years older, so let's not go calling her a cougar, even if they look like their age difference might be a little more than that -- Miranda had zero chill about Anderson.

She announced that he "owns" her heart, answering that question posed in one of our favorite old Miley songs.

She referred to him as "a light that could outshine the sun," which sounds like it could be a joke about him being a redhead.

But it actually sounds super sweet.

Miranda also declared that she loves making memories with Anderson. Sure.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert: 51st Academy of Country Music Awards

Now, we know that hearing this, even from multiple sources, isn't the same as reading an announcement or seeing a ring.

In fact, there have already been recent rumors that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East are secretly engaged.

Secret engagements do happen sometimes, but it's easy for a simple misunderstanding to start a rumor like that.

What really drives up those kinds of impressions, however, is when a couple is so close that everyone in their lives expects the next text or phone call or social media post to be an engagement announcement.

But there's no telling how long Miranda and Anderson (Miranderson?) are going to keep us on our toes.

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