Gwen Stefani Celebrates Blake Shelton's Birthday: See the Photos!

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Remember last year, when Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had a goofily distinctive celebration for Blake Shelton's 40th birthday?

Well, they're back at it again, this time for his 41st.

And yes, of course there are photos. No birthday would be complete without a little PDA, right?

Gwen Stefani in Black with Blake Shelton

Gwen snapped this selfie over Blake's shoulder.

The two didn't celebrate alone, but with various members of Gwen's family.

We've already told you that Gwen and Blake are closer than ever, but these photos prove it.

There was a video of Blake balancing a present on his head, which even we have to admit is endearingly goofy.

There's a photo of Blake posing with his birthday cake ... which is shaped like an armadillo.

You also see Blake giving his father-in-law, Dennis Stefani, a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.

In other words, they're already acting like family.

Kinda makes you wonder what's on the horizon for this star-crossed couple, right?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's 41st Birthday

Gwen posted the series of photos, but Blake had something of his own to say.

He tweeted: "Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!!! 41.... S--t man I'm beating the odds."

We're not sure what the odds are that make it an achievement for a rich straight white man to survive into his early forties.

But ... he's probably joking.

It kind of fits with the voice that he uses on Twitter.

Blake Shelton's Armadillo Cake

Now, no offense -- and we really don't mean any offense by this.

But ... Blake Shelton is only 41?

We'd technically known his age before, but it really hits you in the face when it's a birthday celebration.

Because he for sure looks older than that.

Maybe there's some sort of Gwen Stefani effect when it comes to age perception.

Gwen Stefani is 47 and looks young for her age.

(Actually, if you swapped their ages, they'd look just about right but she'd still look young)

Remember last year, during the GOP primaries -- somehow better than our current political climate -- when she was 46, and people brought up that she was older than Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz was 45 at the time and looked, like, a decade older, and also like a poorly disguised Lovecraftian horror.

Anyway, Gwen Stefani is a bad basis for guessing somebody's age.

Blake Shelton and Dennis Stefani

The two met because they're both judges on The Voice.

But they only bonded and got to know each other as a couple because they'd apparently both just been cheated.

It was famously reported that Gavin Rossdale was cheating on Gwen with the nanny.

Making it the worst-kept secret ... though technically not directly confirmed.

Though Gwen has hinted that there may have been more, saying that people have no idea what she went through.

Tales of Miranda Lambert cheating on Blake Shelton were a little vaguer and more hushed.

Maybe because people know less.

Maybe because they're both country stars and that's just it's own, entirely separate world.

But the two have been going strong, so close that we repeatedly hear rumors that they're engaged.

This party really shows how close they are.

Not just with each other, but Blake seems close with Gwen's whole family.

Blake Shelton's Present

All in all, even though Gwen and Blake seem like they come from different planets, things are looking good for them.

Most of the fans of one of them have probably never met any fans of the other.

Honestly, the only Blake Shelton fan I know is a relative.

But maybe this unlikely celebrity union will build some cultural bridges or something.

Or, at the very least, get people to sample some music that they'd otherwise have never ever heard.

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