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Kylie Jenner is on her way to becoming a billionaire.

Yes, we Kylie Jenner really is on her way to becoming a billionaire.

However, the 20-year old really wants you to know that this fame and fortune totally sucks and she wishes her life were different and no one understands all she continually goes through.

Life of Kylie Interview Pic

This is basically the message Jenner sent once again last night, on the latest installment of her whine-filled reality series, Life of Kylie.

“The majority of 19-year-olds are still in the trying to figure it out stage or college. Me, it’s like, major responsibilities," she said at one point.

"I feel like a little old woman stuffed in a 19-year-old’s body.”

(NOTE: Kylie turned 20 last week and celebrated by showing off her boobs a lot.)

Early in the episode, Jenner also pushed back against the notion that she doesn’t play an active role in her wildly successful company.

“A lot of people think I’m not really involved,” she said while visiting a warehouse to check out a new shipment of Kylie Cosmetic products, adding that folks need to be aware of imposters:

"Sometimes I see tweets like, ‘This is the worst thing I’ve ever bought.’ And I look into it and it’s totally a fake lip kit.

"It’s really important that something gets done."

Seriously, what other issue could possibly be more important these days?!?

Kylie Jenner in a Car

Close friend Jordyn Woods suggested that she and Kylie confront those selling knock-off items, eventually driving up to a stand that dared to peddle cheap imitations.

While Woods went inside to investigate, Kylie said she was "scared" because so many people and paparazzi members were gathered around her car.

Inside the establishment, Woods was only fairly successful in her mission, getting mostly ignored by a female employee who she pressed for information on the phony goods.

"This is the biggest disaster ever. She wouldn’t sell it to me on camera!” Jordyn told Kylie after she got back into the car, explaining that she left a $20 bill on the table and took the lip kit anyway.

The girls then called Kris Jenner to tell her about the experience and get her advice on how to proceed now that they had the evidence.

Jenner told her daughter to turn these fake good over to the "authorities" and added emphatically:

“I have to call an attorney and take care of it… I’m proud of you, my little CEO."

Kylie Jenner on her Show

But it’s not easy to be a little CEO!

Kylie was all about making this clear!

For instance, she had to tell her stylist that she couldn’t keep bringing her boyfriend to work. It simply wasn’t professional.

“I do have limits as a boss," Jenner said in a confessionaI.

"I hate conflict, but I also learned you can’t really let people working around you get too comfortable because that’s when you get taken advantage of.

"It’s happened way too many times with my family.”

We’ve all been there with our personal stylists, right? Sometimes, you just need to lay down the law.

Kylie Jenner on a Motorcycle

“I had the opportunity to make like the coolest makeup line that I’ve always dreamed of. It’s really my only passion," Jenner also said at one point last night, concluding:

"I learned a lot and just have experienced things that people my age do not even know how to handle.

"I do feel like people don’t take me seriously as a businesswoman because of my age and my reputation. But I do think they’re starting to.

"I like to prove people wrong.”

Click on the video below to watch Life of Kylie online, but be warned:

You may need to bring some cheese to the whine party Jenner throws herself throughout the installment.

Watch Life of Kylie Season 1 Episode 3 Online
Watch Life of Kylie Season 1 Episode 3 Online