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Fans of Justin Bieber are not the only ones concerned about the singer.

It now seems pretty clear that the artist’s father has a few pressing questions and issues of his own at the moment.

Justin Bieber Sits and Chill
Photo via Instagram

As previously outlined, Bieber stunned his followers when he announced last week that he was canceling the remaining dates on his world tour.

This announcement was initially met with surprise, sadness and confusing, considering insiders claimed Bieber was simply too tired to continue performing.

It seemed like a lame reason, let’s be honest.

But rumors quickly circulated that the singer wasn’t particularly exhausted; instead, he had grown especially close to a pastor named Carl Lentz and this relationship has transformed Bieber’s life.

In particular, it has reportedly transformed his priorities in life.

Various sources have said over the past few days that Lentz never told Bieber to end his tour.

However, Bieber was strongly influenced by conversations with Lentz, undergoing some kind of spiritual awakening that has placed his entire musical future in jeopardy.

Might Justin never sing another song ever again?

Justin Bieber Goes Skiing
Photo via Instagram

This possibility has millions of supporters concerned, of course.

Moreover, according to TMZ, it has Justin’s own father in a panic.

Jeremy Bieber flew from Ontario to Los Angeles over the weekend (along with Bieber’s younger brother, Jaxon), presumably to exert some fatherly influence on his famous child.

TMZ writes that Jeremy was “seen driving around town in a convertible” this week, apparently “tailing Justin, who was in his own vehicle.”

Someone close to the situation has told the celebrity gossip website that Jeremy’s visit is not some kind of coincidence.

It is a “direct response” to Bieber’s difficult week and his burgeoning relationship with Lentz.

Bieber and his dad have always had an up-and-down relationship of their own.

The artist was mostly raised by his mother, who gave birth to him as a teenager, while he and Jeremy have often goes long periods of time without hanging out at all.

Based on social media photos, at least, it appears as if Jeremy and Justin have not spent any QT together since late last year.

When father and son have gotten along in the past, it has sometimes led to some pretty major scandals.

We don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Jeremy Bieber hasn’t always been the best influence on Justin Bieber, which may even explain why Justin has been seeking guidance in a father figure such as Lentz.

So… what does a visit from his pops mean for Bieber at this stage of his life?

We have no idea.

We can’t even say for certain exactly what is going on in Bieber’s life.

But if he’s going through some kind of personal crisis and if he’s seeking answers to some pretty huge questions, let’s all hope he finds them.

Yes, even if that means he puts his music career on hold for awhile.

We’re sorry, Beliebers. But some things are just more important than Justin’s next hit.