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We’re just one month away from Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s wedding, and while reality stars usually keep the details of their big days a secret so as to ensure a maximum ratings share later on, the soon-to-be Mrs. Eason just can’t contain her excitement.

Jenelle has already confirmed the date of the big day, and she’s documented just about every step of the preparation process.

We’ve seen Jenelle buy her dress and take her fiancee and sons for their tux fittings, and we’ve even gotten some insights into her mindset as she put together her guest list.

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Not surprisingly, that mindset was one of intense, seething rage.

Equally unsurprising is the fact that Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, will not be invited to the wedding.

Jenelle and her mother haven’t gotten along for years (In fact, it’s possible they’ve literally never seen eye-to-eye.), and the Evans women have spent the last several yeats locked in a custody battle for Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace.

So it’s long been hinted that Babs shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for an invitation.

And now the snub has been confirmed.

“Her mother wasn’t invited to the wedding,” a source close to Jenelle tells Radar Online.

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It’s a bummer, as many saw the wedding as an opportunity for Jenelle and Barbara to finally begin the long process of burying the hatchet.

But hey, at just 25 years old, Jenelle has already been married once and engaged an astonishing five times, so maybe Babs will get a chance to attend another one of her weddings.

And it seems Barbara won’t be the only immediate family member to be brutally snubbed by Jenelle and David.

If you follow her online, you probably know that Jenelle feuded with David’s sister earlier this year.

The whole thing played out on Facebook, with enough threats of violence and accusations of drug use and infidelity to fuel an entire season of Teen Mom 2.

So to the surprise of absolutely no one, Jessica Eason Miller will also not be in attendance.

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We’re sure the list of people who won’t be invited to the wedding because they made the mistake of running afoul of Jenelle is quite the lengthy one.

Jenelle has a lot of beefs, and she likes to retaliate against anyone she feels did her wrong in the pettiest of fashion.

So it probably goes without saying, but it’s still nice to have a source confirm that none of Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-stars will be invited to the wedding.

Asking the Carolina Hurricane to be cordial to her colleagues who live in different states would obviously be asking far too much.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of how unstable Jenelle really is, then start making bets on how long her marriage will last.