Duggar Family: SLAMMED For Description of Kendra Caldwell!

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It's only been two months since we learned that Joseph Duggar is engaged to Kendra Caldwell, but the relationship has already been repeatedly plagued by scandal.

Not long after the engagement was announced, The Hollywood Gossip exclusively reported that Kendra dated Jedediah Duggar before beginning her courtship with Joe.

Joseph Duggar with Kendra Caldwell

It was around this time that Joseph and Kendra were criticized for soliciting wedding presents from fans on social media.

Now, the couple finds themselves at the center of their third controversy in as many weeks.

This one may seem tame compared to all that preceded it, but for many who follow the family closely, it's symbolic of the many problems within the Duggars' cultish way of life.

Kendra turned 20 over the weekend, and the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar marked the occasion by posting a handful of photos on their official Facebook page.

Unfortunately, the images they selected and their description of their future daughter-in-law left many fans feeling that something was amiss.

Many pointed out that the Duggars don't seem to have any photos of Kendra in which her fiance isn't right by her side.

Kendra and Joseph Duggar

"I was disappointed all the photos are her and Joseph, not even one of just her alone," one fan of the family commented.

Several others took issue with the Duggars' somewhat odd description of Kendra.

"Happy Birthday, Kendra! You are such a precious young lady! We hope you have a great birthday!!" the images were captioned.

Some found the description laughably generic, as though the Duggars know next to nothing about Kendra's personality or interests.

Others found the "precious young lady" label to be demeaning to a grown woman.

"This just adds a whole new level to the fact that the women in this cult are treated like the possessions of men," wrote one fan.

Joe and Kendra

"It’s infantilizing, is what it is. Women and children get called 'precious' all the time – I can’t recall a single instance of someone in the Duggar family talking about a 'precious young man,'" commented another.

Like we said, this latest controversy pales uproar to the earlier controversies surrounding Kendra and Joseph's relationship.

Still, it serves as a potent reminder of what's in store for these two.

Life as a Duggar might offer financial stability, but it certainly comes at a price.

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