Lauren Bushnell and New Boyfriend Devin Antin: PDA Alert!

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We told you that Lauren Bushnell has a new boyfriend, even before the couple finally confirmed their relationship.

At first, these two were keeping things pretty low-key, which is super understandable.

Now, though, they're exchanging kisses and broadcasting them to social media.

Lauren Bushnell and Devin Antin on Instagram

Lauren and real estate investor Devin Antin started off as friends before their friendship blossomed into something else.

Honestly, that's a 100% normal way for couples to meet and become couples.

Way more normal and probably way healthier than having a score of competing suitors meet and compete for the same person.

(Though, admittedly, less entertaining)\

Some might argue that she's on the rebound or whatever, but you know what?

Sometimes people find the loves of their life right after getting out of a serious relationship.

And even when they don't, a relationship isn't invalid just because it won't last forever.

And just look at them:

Lauren Bushnell and Devin Antin Kiss

They're so cute together!

The goofy filter takes away from the kiss a little, but that's okay.

It's kind of what filters are for.

(Also, Snapchat's doing a Pikachu filter now, which is maybe their best idea since flower crowns)

Devin Antin might be new to the spotlight, but Lauren isn't camera-shy.

We think that the filter was her idea, though.

Popping on a filter when you kiss your boyfriend makes it feel more like a fun, quirky post and less like flagrant PDA.

Lauren Bushnell and Devin Antin

Lauren Bushnell, of course, not only competed on The Bachelor but won her season, along with the heart of Ben Higgins.

But as shocking as this may be to hear, a relationship that included Ben confessing his love to both Lauren and JoJo Fletcher separately but only proposing to one in the end didn't turn out well!

Monogamy can be a healthy path for relationships.

Polyamory can be a healthy path for relationships.

Some sort of awkward mix-and-match between the two where one person's heart is torn between two loves but he has to choose just one of them?

That's a disaster.

That's why, even though the sex was great, they broke up.

Well, plus the fact that Lauren and Ben started filming as a couple and had zero time to be alone with each other because they were always on camera.

That's basically an automatic relationship-killer.

If you've been married for decades and your relationship is rock solid, sure, go ahead and have a reality show where you don't have a moment's peace or privacy.

Not when you've just gotten engaged and never had the chance to date off-camera.

Lauren Bushnell's Bare Shoulders

Obviously, Lauren Bushnell isn't likely to repeat that mistake.

She and Devin Antin aren't being secretive about their relationship, sure.

But you can post some cute snaps to social media without tanking your relationship.

We know that there are still probably no shortage of shippers who are sad that Lauren and Ben broke up.

That's totally normal. You watched them fall in love.

But what really matters is that Lauren gets to live her life and be happy.

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