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Why not.

That’s how Demi Lovato captioned the first of many photos below, and upon seeing it – gazing, jaw slowly dropping to the floor – we concur.

Why not indeed. Forget “Cool for the Summer,” the 24-year-old singer is nothing short of smoldering these days, and she knows it too.

The perilously low-cut pieces she recently wore make everything else termed “low-cut” not make the cut. Seriously, this is next level stuff.

We’re not sure who makes swimwear like this, or if anyone besides Demi Lovato can pull it off, but we’re not here to question greatness.

When she became the hottest girl of all time, we don’t know exactly, but if the pics below don’t earn her that title, honestly what will?

So let’s pay homage to the star’s most recent Instagram gifts below, along with more of her recent classics, and come together as one.

Bow down.