Demi Lovato Instagram Pics Are the Hottest Thing in Human History

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Why not.

That's how Demi Lovato captioned the first of many photos below, and upon seeing it - gazing, jaw slowly dropping to the floor - we concur.

Why not indeed. Forget "Cool for the Summer," the 24-year-old singer is nothing short of smoldering these days, and she knows it too.

The perilously low-cut pieces she recently wore make everything else termed "low-cut" not make the cut. Seriously, this is next level stuff.

We're not sure who makes swimwear like this, or if anyone besides Demi Lovato can pull it off, but we're not here to question greatness.

When she became the hottest girl of all time, we don't know exactly, but if the pics below don't earn her that title, honestly what will?

So let's pay homage to the star's most recent Instagram gifts below, along with more of her recent classics, and come together as one.

Bow down.

1. Demi Lovato Cleavage Photo

Demi Lovato Cleavage Photo
She captioned this insane photo of her cleavage "Why not?" Why not indeed, Demi Lovato. Why not indeed.

2. Demi Lovato Gets Low

Demi Lovato Gets Low
Low cut, that is. Beautifully, fantastically, lustfully low cut.

3. Demi Lovato Nude Photo

Demi Lovato Nude Photo
Demi Lovato nude, because what's wrong with being confident? Are we right?

4. Demi Lovato: Hot Photo

Demi Lovato: Hot Photo
Wow, that is one hot photo of Demi Lovato. Goodness.

5. Demi Lovato Cleavage Selfie

Demi Lovato Cleavage Selfie
Demi Lovato showed off a lot of cleavage in her latest selfie. And for that, we thank her.

6. Demi Lovato in a Catsuit

Demi Lovato in a Catsuit
Holy hotness, Demi Lovato! The singer made the Internet go nuts with this ensemble and photograph.

7. Demi Lovato: Hot on Insta

Demi Lovato: Hot on Insta
Demi Lovato poses on Instagram for another sweltering picture.

8. Demi Lovato Cleavage Picture

Demi Lovato Cleavage Picture
Once again, Demi Lovato flaunts her insane cleavage, following up her own epic shot with one just as hot.

9. Demi Lovato Cleavage Shot

Demi Lovato Cleavage Shot
Yup, that's what we're talking about here, and darned if it's not the most magnificent thing.

10. Demi Lovato Freckles

Demi Lovato Freckles
If this doesn't do it for you, guys, we don't know what would.

11. Demi Lovato in Bed

Demi Lovato in Bed
Demi Lovato wears Skechers to bed because they're just that comfortable. Sorry if we lost you at the Demi Lovato in bed part.

12. Demi Lovato: Hot Pic

Demi Lovato: Hot Pic
More like the hottest pic. Of Demi Lovato or anyone ever.

13. Demi Lovato Eyes

Demi Lovato Eyes
Demi Lovato's eyes will stare into your soul. While you stare at hers (and the rest of her).

14. Demi Lovato is Gorgeous

Demi Lovato is Gorgeous
Seriously, when did she become the hottest girl ever?

15. Demi Lovato Weight Loss Tea

Demi Lovato Weight Loss Tea
Demi Lovato pitches weight loss tea. Some people are taking issues with this for obvious reasons, but we're focused on the freckles.

16. Demi Lovato: Naked, No Makeup

Demi Lovato: Naked, No Makeup
Demi Lovato isn't wearing makeup in her latest selfie. More importantly, she's topless.

18. Demi Lovato is Topless

Demi Lovato is Topless
Demi Lovato is very much topless in this photo. And for that, we thank her.

19. Demi Works Out

Demi Works Out
It's all working out well for Demi these days, don't you think?

20. Demi Lovato Topless Cover

Demi Lovato Topless Cover
What would your "Body Say" if you saw Demi Lovato in bed next to you looking like this?

22. Demi Lovato with Curves

Demi Lovato with Curves
The singer proudly shows off her curves in this Instagram photo, and gives us all the feels. ALL of them.

23. Demi Lovato Bikini Body Selfie

Demi Lovato Bikini Body Selfie
Hello, Demi Lovato's bikini body. Hello, indeed. Welcome.

24. Demi Lovato in a Bikini

Demi Lovato in a Bikini
Demi Lovato rocks a bikini in this throwback selfie. She was gorgeous years ago too.

25. Demi Lovato Nude

Demi Lovato Nude
Is it really her?! All we can say is that times have changed from years ago when this was scandalous for her. She's honestly, candidly and authentically embraced every part of her past - and her body - and has become someone we can all admire.

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