The Bachelorette Recap: Hometown Heartbreak For ...

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As The Bachelorette spoilers predicted, Bryan Abasolo, Dean Unglert, Eric Bigger and Peter Kraus earned hometown dates this season.

What happens from here on out is a bit more uncertain.

On The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 8, the four remaining men took Rachel Lindsay home to meet their families, per show tradition.

There was love, romance and a whole lot of awkwardness. There were hard questions and even harder choices. There were gut checks.

You don't need Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that.

Rachel's first hometown date was in Baltimore, where she learned exactly why Eric never brought a girl home before, as he revealed.

It may be in part because he was never shown love as a child, as he says, but ... he was also a nerd who studied a lot. Who knew?!

Eric's family grilled her pretty hard, but ultimately, she got the seal of approval as the first girl Eric took home turned out to be a winner.

Eric, 29

In Florida, Rachel met Bryan Abasolo's parents and quickly found out that while his dad is a quiet type, his mother is a force of nature.

That may be why he's still single, as it turns out.

Bryan and his mom are particularly close, and while that's a good thing more often than not, she clearly had a hand in his prior breakup.

That might be something of a red flag for Rachel.

He still looks like a frontrunner at this point, though, as does Peter Kraus, who reiterates that being an interracial couple will be alright.

Rachel was obviously worried about how a white family would perceive that aspect, and Peter has been more open than anyone about it.

His mom did drop a different bombshell, though.

Peter, 31

Peter admitted that he's nervous about proposing and that if the final rose ceremony comes along and he's not ready, then so be it.

Obviously, this is quite understandable, but not what The Bachelorette is hoping to hear - especially from the guy's mother no less.

When Kraus' mom revealed to Rachel that she didn't think her son is ready for marriage right now, she suggested they take it slow.

Will this be the deal-breaker for Kraus?

Not this week, anyway. Her final hometown date was to Aspen, Colorado to visit Dean's family, specifically his "eccentric" father.

He's not referring to his dad's religion with that description, but there's no doubt that his father being a Sikh does weigh on him.

Dean, 26

Dean's dad converted and became Sikh after the death of Dean's mother and it's been an adjustment for the young man, to put it mildly.

While Dean Unglert pleaded with fans in advance of the episode to respect his dad's faith, he has plenty of other issues with him too.

Most importantly, Dean revealed to his dad that he's still angry that his father wasn't there for him emotionally when he needed him.

At that point, Lindsay tried to mediate, but Dean's father walked off the set; Unglert later said he was falling in love with Lindsay.

Rachel feels his emotions may be displaced, however, and decided to send him home. Not because of his dad, just ... because.

With stronger contenders still in the running, and this not being the right time in Dean's life, it was just time. And then there were three ...

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