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Audrey Roloff has once again shared a photo of her beautiful and growing baby bump.

But this time the Little People, Big World star has added a twist to her Instagram post.

Audrey Roloff on a Beach

Along with the above photo of herself on the beach near sunset, the wife of Jeremy Roloff and expecting mother of As-Yet-Unnamed-Adorable-Baby-Girl-Roloff quoted a bible verse.

Romans 8:37, to be exact.

She made it clear in the process just how grateful she is to be pregnant, just how excited she was to be a mother and just why the Lord and Savior means so very much to her.

"As I get closer to meeting our precious baby girl, I am more and more in need of the reminded that the SAME POWER that conquered the grave lives inside of me!" Audrey wrote.

She continued as follows:

"And guess what? If you have received Him as your savior and submit to Him as Lord, you have access to that same powers too!"

"If you let Him fill you and fuel you, He will ALWAYS empower you with MORE strength, energy, power, perservernce, creativity, ability, and love than you could ever muster up on your own."

Audrey Roloff in a Bikini

And then she added:

"Don’t measure your ability and energy levels against the challenges ahead of you. Instead, put your confidence in the strength that Christ WILL empower you.

"Then you will be ready to face your challenges with boldness and be MORE than conquerors!"

Roloff has been keeping followers well apprised of her pregnancy ever since announcing it to the world this spring.

Look, for example, here’s a photo of Audrey at 30 weeks.

And here is one of Audrey at 29 weeks.

With each snapshot, the TLC star waxes poetic about various aspects of her life, often gushing over husband Jeremy and even more often giving thanks to Jesus.

In this latest case, she went on to quote Ephesians 3:12.

Audrey Roloff Instagram Pic

Whatever you’re going through, you have access to MORE power by faith in Christ who is in you!

By FAITH, you have the power and strength to heal from mourning, conquer challenges, trust God through hardships, seek God in the unknowns, or for me… receive the peace and perseverance of Christ throughout pregnancy and during labor;)

God will equip you and me with abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine – #alwaysmore

We simply must place our faith and trust in Him wholeheartedly.

Little People, Big World wrapped up its 13th season this past Tuesday night, and it did so in very special fashion.

Audrey Roloff Pregnancy Photo!

Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed a son into the world.

When the series returns with new episodes in September, it will be Audrey and Jeremy’s turn.

Look for fall installments to focus primarily on this pregnancy and for Season 14 to likely concludes with an inside look at Audrey’s birth.

We cannot wait to meet her precious bundle of joy!

To get extra excited for this blessed event, go ahead and click through photos of Audrey and her siblings as children in the photo gallery below.

We wonder if her impending little girl will look more like her or Jeremy, but either way, that will be one lucky and extremely loved child …