Audrey Roloff Gushes Over God, Jeremy Roloff

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Talk about serious #RelationshipGoals.

No, really, let's talk about them.

That's exactly what Audrey Roloff is doing in her latest Instagram post, which makes a reference to the most important man in her life and also the most important higher power in her life.

Cute Roloffs

The wife of Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff, Audrey recently made a major announcement on this same social media platform.

She explained a couple weeks ago that she and Jeremy just moved to Portland in order to be closer to their family farm in Oregon.

Now, as a caption to the very sweet image above, Audrey had gone ahead and moved many followers to tears instead.

"I didn’t fall in love with Jeremy by spending time with on Sunday mornings and thinking about Him on occasion throughout the week," she wrote, elaborating as follows:

"Rather, I fell in love with Jeremy by spending time with almost daily and getting to know who he was, is, and wanted to become."

While this sentiment is nice and very true, Audrey is actually using her romantic relationship to shed her light on a different kind of relationship:

The one she has with God.

Audrey Roloff Instagram Pic

"The more time I spent with Jeremy the better I knew him, and the more I grew to love him," she continues.

"Falling more and more in love with God is no different. We do it by spending time with Him and reading His word in order to know who He was, is and will be!

"And the more we love God, the more we will be capable of loving others.

Audrey, who has always been very open about the role faith plays in her daily life, concluded:

"God's love is infinite and ours is finite... God's love is unconditional and ours expects a return... And yet, because of His great love for us and within us, we are able love like He loves.

"We are able to love without bounds. We are ALWAYS able to love MORE."

Audrey included the hashtags "#alwaysmore #beating50percent #stayingido #journeyofjerandauj #alwaysmorelove" with her post.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Kiss

In the past, Audrey's strong beliefs have landed her in a bit of hot water.

She once likened marriage to war, for example, writing online about a year ago:

What are you doing to protect your marriage against the dangers of, porn, workaholism, worry, pride, stress, fear, loss, addiction, comparison, social media, emotional cheating, that girl at the gym, in-laws, hormones, or idolizing your kids?

"TO WIN A WAR, YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOU'RE IN ONE," she added with emphasis.

She also once said that nothing is hotter than reciting your marital vows while having sex.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff

You can question some of these beliefs if you want.

You can disagree with a few of them, of course.

But there's no real denying how happy Jeremy and Audrey appear to be.

Whatever they are doing in their relationship and whatever helps their love blossom, it's been working for a very long time now.

Plus, the couple is expecting a baby in September! How exciting!

We send our very best wishes to the Little People, Big World stars.

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