Ariel Winter Rocks a Crop Top, Blows Everyone's Minds

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Ariel Winter sure knows how to catch our attention.

This time, it isn't with a bikini photo or showing off her spectacular butt.

No, it's just with her outfit of the day. A regular outfit that she might wear out somewhere. Yet we're still trying to pick our jaws off of the floor.

Ariel Winter Presents ...

Ariel Winter's given the world a close look at her butt tattoo and shown a variety of poses as she wears a bikini and floats on a pizza slice.

So it's not like there's so much of Ariel that we haven't seen before.

But are you guys familiar with the concept of "less is more?"

While that kind of philosophy sounds like a nightmare if you're talking about how much mac and cheese you're getting on your plate, it can actually make for some delightfully provocative and sexy looks.

How do we explain this.

Picture a celebrity you think is hot, like Kendall Jenner or Jason Momoa or whatever.

If they're in a tank top, your eyes are going to be looking at their arms and shoulders and you'll really get to appreciate those parts of the human form.

If they're shirtless, your eyes are going to be on their torso -- which is totally hot, don't get us wrong.

But you're going to be ignoring those glorious shoulders or whatever.

Just like how loose fitting clothing can be as sexy as tight clothing, covering up very selectively can be as alluring as baring it all.

(Variety is sexy, so don't be afraid to shake things up)

Ariel Winter's new outfit is another great example:

Ariel Winter in a Crop Top

She looks so good!

Like, full disclosure, I've never been a fan of high-waisted jeans.

Remember the days of the ultra-low rider jeans?

Those were great.

And I'm highkey looking forward to when the fashion pendulum swings back in that direction.

But Ariel Winter looks so freaking amazing in this look.

Crop tops, on the other hand, I've always loved.

No matter what your figure or your gender, please never hesitate to wear them if you want to.

Especially during the reign of the hateful burning orb ... that is, summer.

Look again:

Ariel Winter Casts a Shadow

Ariel Winter shared these photos to her Instagram story, and honestly, it's a blessing.

Not just because she looks amazing -- she always does.

There are people who think that you need a very specific body type to wear crop tops.

That very specific body type is, like, Kendall Jenner's.

The people who think that way are fools and body-shamers.

Ariel Winter is curvy and she looks beautifully soft and, honestly, good for her.

Admittedly, we've seen her baring her midriff in bikinis and when she was rocking daisy dukes.

But this is a more normal outfit, like something that you'd see while out shopping.

Which means that her young fans might feel the encouragement that they need to dress how they want to and to live their best lives.

Ariel Winter's Pizza Butt

Ariel Winter is strikingly gorgeous, but there are people who think that certain outfits would be "unflattering" on her.

Like, a clown outfit would be unflattering, but that's because clowns are hideous beasts from the netherworld that come out of the forests to devour humanity's young.

In general, though, Ariel is gorgeous and exposed to body-shaming more than anyone should be.

But everyday folks, fans of hers or not, should ask themselves:

If someone as gorgeous as Ariel Winter wears what she wants and gets body-shamed, it's not on her -- it's because the body-shamers have issues.

A little perspective could help them ignore their own haters.

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