Ariel Winter Has a Butt Tattoo & Man Alive Does She Want You to Get a Look at This

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If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, then you're probably familiar with the sight of Ariel Winter naked at this point.

Okay, not "naked," exactly, but in various states of undress. 

It's like every day, Ariel starts getting dressed, gets distracted by her phone, takes a selfie, then finishes getting dressed.

Ariel Winter in Black

Everyone's talking about her nudity or near-nudity, when really, we should be focusing on her lack of an attention span!

Priorities, people. Let's keep them in perspective.

Anyway, most of the time, it seems Ariel is naked just because, but there are times when she strips down with a purpose.

Sometimes, she's bringing attention to an important cause, like the fact that her Instagram hasn't been getting as many likes as it used to.

Other times, she's displaying some new ink.

Yes, Ariel has several tattoos, and it seems like she's one of those people who would corner you at a party and tell you what they all mean.

Ariel Winter Butt Tattoo Photo

Her latest is at butt-level, which is good.

Why? Because it's a bit on the corny side, and Ariel will likely be happy that it's easy to cover up when she's no longer 19.

"Love risks everything and asks nothing," Ms. Winter's latest tatt reads, a profoundly deep statement if ever there were one.

It's a nice idea, along the lines of "love means never having to say you're sorry," but we all know it's ultimately a bunch of BS.

After all, sometimes love means things like asking someone to rinse their damn dishes before they put them in the sink

Or for that matter, apologizing because you didn't rinse off your own damn dish, and now those effing fruit flies are back.

Ariel Winter with Boyfriend Levi Meaden

Sorry, we got off topic.

These days, the love in Ariel's life is her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, whom she appears to have been dating for about nine months.

Though they haven't been together terribly long, Ariel and Levi live together, and their relationship has already been a source of controversy.

The main issue is that dude turns 30 in six weeks, and Ariel's still in her teens. It's not criminally creepy, but it's creepy.

Pro tip: If you often find yourself using the "hey, it's legal!" defense, you're probably doing something pretty messed up.

Even Tyga and Kylie weren't this far apart in age. Fame gap was about the same, though, so there's that. Just sayin'.

There's also the rumor that Ariel pays him an allowance, though Winter has personally taken to social media to deny this.

In any case, the speculations surrounding her romantic life abounds, but she leaves little to the imagination, image-wise.

And for that, we thank her.

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