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What’s going on with Robert Pattinson these days?

Well, it’s tough to say.

Some reports have the former Twilight heartthrob engaged to FKA Twigs, while others have him … engaged in a very different sort of activity.

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But we’re not here to discuss the possibility that Robert Pattinson jerked off a dog.

No, we’re here to dust off an old tabloid favorite.

Yes, it’s time for another round of rumors that Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are dating!

If you spend a lot of time with us here in the world of celebrity gossip, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard this one before,

Hell, it seems to pop up every few months, despite the fact that Rob appears to be in a serious, long-term relationship.

This time, the reports are based on photos of the possible couple published by TMZ.

Katy Perry is Shiny

According to the site, Katy and Rob looked "super cozy" during an intimate dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

When you use vague terms like "intimate" and "super cozy," it sounds like there’s some knocking of boots going on, but by all appearances, Rob and Katy are just friends.

Granted, it’s suspicious that they became close friends (or at least started spending a lot more time together in public) shortly after Perry’s breakup with Orlando Bloom.

But if this is really a rekindled romance, that means Rob’s been on one hell of an emotional roller coaster lately.

It was just two weeks ago that he confirmed to Howard Stern that he’s planning to marry Twigs.

Then there was the whole dog masturbation thing.

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And now he’s hooking up with Katy?

Did Twigs dump him for wanking the dog off?

Was animal lover Katy so moved by the possible dog-jacking that she begged Rob to take her back?!

We don’t know, but we refuse to give up on the canine-involvement angle.

We’re like a dog with a bone here.

We’d apologize for that joke, but you know it would be insincere.

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