Ariel Winter Flaunts Tan Cleavage, Weekend Fun!

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Just a couple of weeks ago, Ariel Winter celebrated going back to work on the set of Modern Family by flashing some major underboob.

But she's clearly still taking her weekends to herself, because Ariel and her boyfriend Levi Meaden were enjoying themselves on and by a lake this weekend.

And there are pictures. Ariel clearly got a tan . . . and so did her cleavage.

Ariel Winter Presents ...

Over the weekend, Ariel Winter enjoyed herself on Lake Tahoe.

(Yes, please, go ahead and get all of the "Tahoe" jokes out of your system, please ... we'll wait)

(Done yet?)


So, Lake Tahoe is in California and while we're sure that Ariel enjoyed her time there, it doesn't look like she actually got into the water.

But in addition to having a good time and chilling out on the shore, Ariel spent some time on a boat.

As you can see in this photo:

Ariel Winter on Lake Tahoe

She's pretty clearly on a boat in this pic.

Though perhaps you were more focused on, um, the foreground.

Ariel Winter spends plenty of time poolside at home, but she usually looks a little fairer than this.

When you're at home, of course, you're more likely to apply sunscreen pretty constantly and less likely to stay out for as long.

(There are so many appealing things about being indoors, after all)

When you're out on a lake, though, it's pretty common to put on suncreen once or twice but maybe let a little too much time pass and get some sun.

Thus why Ariel's cleavage is showing so much than, there.

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden, Lake Tahoe

She and Levi both spent some time lounging in the sun.

In most relationships with an age gap like these two have ...

(Remember that Levi is, like, 30, and Ariel Winter is still 19)

... it's the older partner who has to stand up for the younger one.

In this case, though, it's Ariel -- more famous, though they're both actors -- who stands up for Levi.

Just recently, she clapped back at a tabloid story about Levi.

She's also hit back whenever Levi's accused of deliberately living in her shadow, clarifying that he's her boyfriend and not her kept man when people accused her of giving him an allowance.

(People love to trade rumors, folks)

Honestly, and at the risk of courting controversy, we think that it's kind of precious how aggressively she defends him.

The couple's only been together for 9 months, but they've faced more than their share of detractors.

It's good that they get to relax together.

Ariel Winter, Swan Float

Ariel Winter also loves pool floats, which we already knew.

Remember when Ariel posed in a bikini on a giant pizza slice pool float?

Good times, right?

We have no idea if this huge swan float actually made it into those crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe, but we can't imagine that Ariel was content to just try it out on the beach.

Also ... exactly how many changes of clothes did Ariel Winter bring with her on this trip?

She posted these pics in her Instagram story and she's wearing a different outfit in every single snap.

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