Audrey Roloff: I Can't Wait to Meet My Baby, But...

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Audrey Roloff is about to become a first-time mother.

And, don't get her wrong, the Little People, Big World star is excited.

But she isn't anxious... and there's a big difference, Roloff tries to explain in her latest Instagram post.

Jer and Audrey

"People are constantly asking me, 'Are you so ready to get that baby out of you?' wrote Audrey over the weekend as a caption to the above image, adding:

"And as excited as I am to meet her, I'm also trying to cherish our final days "just us" before baby girl rocks our world."

Audrey has said her bag is packed. She's ready to head to the hospital once she goes into labor.

She'll be a parent for the rest of her life at that point, however, and she'll never get this late-stages-of-pregnancy time back ever again.

"In the waiting, I've been focusing on thankfulness, and gratitude has made me even more in awe of the beauty of pregnancy," she explains.

"I am so blessed to carry this life inside of me, not of my own strength and striving, but through God's miraculous design for creating life."

As you can see above and below, Roloff has kept social media users well apprised as to the state of her baby bump. She's been an open book online.

Audrey Bumps

As is the case with this new message, she's been candid about the role of God in her life as well.

"Lord, may she be a compassionate, creative, and courageous daughter, full of joy and overflowing with peace," Roloff wrote as a prayer to her daughter this summer, adding:

"Give her a strong sense of discernment and good judgment so that she will not be easily deceived.

"Bless her with iron friendships – friendships that will refine her and sharpen her. I ask for your favor over her life Lord.

"May she be a Godly woman who leads others to the foot of the cross and loves them the whole way there."

Roloff is due on August 31.

Audrey Roloff, Smiling Maternity Photo

We know she and Jeremy will welcome a girl and we know their journey will be at the center of the next Little People, Big World season.

"Focusing on each present moment, rather than longing for future moments, has made my heart abundantly thankful - and "thanksgiving always precedes the miracle," Audrey says now on Instagram.

"As @annvoskamp so beautifully puts it, "In a world addicted to speed, we blur the moments..." I don't want to live through blurred moments.

"I want to experience the abundance of a life lived fully present - wide eyed, thankful, and brimming with joy."

What a great attitude, right?

We should all manage to appreciate every moment in life, even as we ponder the major one coming up next.

As a website, The Hollywood Gossip continues to send Audrey and Jeremy our very best wishes.

We can't wait to meet their little one!

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