Alaskan Bush People Season 7 Preview: The Biggest Challenge Yet

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The Discovery Channel has given us more insight into Alaskan Bush People Season 7.

Specifically, the network has given us more insight into the main challenge the Browns will face as they embark on final set of their reality show episodes.

Without mentioning the actual word "cancer," the extended trailer below teases significant health problems for family matriarch Ami.

Ami Brown

For several weeks now, the Internet has been abuzz with talk that Ami is very ill and is even somewhere in the lower United States, receiving treatment.

(This is only major news because the Browns are famous for rarely leaving their isolated section of Alaska; they sometimes go months without having contact with anyone outside their family.)

In the sneak peek here, which was originally shared on the official Alaskan Bush People Facebook page, relatives bring Ami to the hospital.

In a different clip, Ami chokes up while telling husband Billy that they survived a sinking boat with babies, so whatever she’s going through... whatever:

She’s tough enough to handle it.

Alaskan Bush People Scene

Elsewhere, Ami’s son, Gabe, tells the camera:

“We’ve worried so much and we’ve waited so long that just, I don’t really have any thoughts left.”

Back in the bush, meanwhile, Matt tells Noah: “That’s just our lives are changing. We’re closing down and moving out.”

This follows what Ami tells Billy when she also teases a major move for her and her loved ones: "We’ll shut the book on the forest, and we’ll open a new book."

But will Ami be around to read it? No one really knows how serious her diagnosis is.

Consider the official synopsis for the next all-new episode, however:

The displaced Browns struggle through a devastating transition while Ami undergoes testing due to recent health concerns.

Meanwhile, Browntown is under the care of a lone protector, as Noah braves the dangers of the wilderness to defend the homestead.

Ami in the Hospital

Check out the revealing trailer below and join us in wishing Ami Brown the best.

We hope she pulls through.

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