Ami Brown is Confined to a Wheelchair. See the Sad Photo Here.

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We have an update on the condition of Ami Brown.

Unfortunately, however, it is not a positive one.

Ami on TV

As previously detailed on The Hollywood Gossip and on episodes of Alaskan Bush People this season, the Brown family matriarch is sick.

She's very sick. 

She's been diagnosed with lung cancer.

On an earlier installment of the aforementioned Discovery Channel series, Ami's husband said his wife was suffering from the Stage 3 level of this disease, but further tests may prove she's in Stage 4.

This would be the most severe type of lung cancer. It would mean Ami does not have very much time left.

And while we cannot verify at the moment just which Stage Amy is at, a new photo shared on Facebook depicts the reality star in a wheelchair:

Ami Brown in a Wheelchair

"We found this recent photo of Billy, Ami and two lucky fans that was taken in California last night," wrote son Matt Brown as a caption, adding:

"We love Ami's sweet smile! Don't forget that Alaskan Bush People returns on Wednesday, Aug. 9th at 9PM ET on the Discovery channel. Have a great weekend!!"

Ami has scarcely been seen out in public since her diagnosis.

But her loved ones took her to California in order to receive treatment several weeks ago, a sure sign that things were not progressing well because the Browns are famous for almost never leaving their remote enclave in Alaska.

“Bill and the kids are very loving and supportive," Ami has said on air, trying to remain positive and adding:

"They’re all worried. I tell them, don’t worry. Please don’t worry. Be happy … keep the faith. Good or bad, it’s God’s will and we’ll walk that road."


The situation is so dire that estranged members of Brown's family are wondering if they'll have a chance to reconcile before Ami dies.

Even Alaskan Bush People producers, such as Sheila McCormack, have weighed in.

“The radiation is five days a week for six weeks," she said this week.

"That’s the direct radiation, not the chemotherapy. After the radiation once a week she goes to another building and they put an IV in her and she gets chemotherapy for four hours."

As far as we know, the Browns remain in southern California while Ami undergoes this difficult treatment.

Our thoughts remain with her throughout the ordeal.

We hope we can end up including her in the following photo gallery when all is said and done:

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