Alaskan Bush People Bid Farewell to Browntown

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It's not an ending. It's a whole new chapter.

This is how the Discovery Channel teased last night's emotional episode of Alaskan Bush People, which featured the Browns making a move no loyal viewer of this reality show ever expected them to make:

They actually, literally moved.

Alaskan Bush People Say Goodbye

A few months after Ami Brown was diagnosed with cancer and her loved ones opened up about the serious disease on the Season 7 premiere, patriarch Billy Brown met up with a friend who told him about a 40-acre plot in Colorado.

The family had already left their beloved home in Alaska for southern California, in order for Ami to receive treatment, but their future remained unclear.

How long did Ami actually have? Would they remain in California while she remained under doctor supervision? Would they return to the north after she sadly passed away?

These were the kinds of questions viewers discussed online, pondering whether this would be the final season of the popular series.

On Thursday night, a few answers were provided.

Alaskan Bush People Folks

"We’ll shut the book on living in the forest and we’ll open a new book," Ami herself told Billy, while her husband gave away their boat, Integrity, on nothing but a handshake.

This was how the boat was gifted to them, Bear explained, and the Browns wanted to help another family who yearned to live remotely.

"All good things must come to an end... but an end is also a new beginning," said Bear as a way to cope with the major life change about to affect him and all his siblings.

With the season finale set for next week, it sounds as if an eighth season is actually on way for Alaskan Bush People.

But this isn't the main focus of any family member or any fan of the series, of course.

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Instead, all thoughts center on Ami.

Last we heard, she was in bad shape.

The star's lung cancer has reportedly been diagnosed as Stage 4; her tumor is allegedly inoperable; and she's been relegated to a wheelchair.

We really wish we had better news on her condition.

Earlier this season, young Rain opened up about her mother's health, saying on an episode of the program:

“I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you’ve been through. I don’t care how old you are. If you hear that your mother has cancer, it’s going to shock you.

"I just wish I could change it somehow. I’m very scared for her."


Ami, however, does not want anyone feeling sorry for her.

She says she's not afraid of what's to come and she wants her husband and her seven kids to think positively and to simply live their lives.

"Bill and the kids are very loving and supportive. They’re all worried. I tell them, don’t worry. Please don’t worry. Be happy," Brown said a few weeks ago, adding:

"Keep the faith. Good or bad, it’s God’s will and we’ll walk that road.

"There’s a lot for the kids to experience. I want to be there. I want to hold their babies. I want to hear them laughing …

"I want to see their eyes wide with enthusiasm as they experience these new things."

Let's all pray she gets the opportunity to do so.

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