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When we told you that it was over between Aaron Carter and Madison Parker, we mentioned that nobody’s statements said anything about Madison breaking up with him because he’d just come out as bisexual.

It’s easy to see a connection and jump to a conclusion and assume that there was bigotry involved, but you don’t want to slam somebody before you have all of the facts.

But according to Aaron Carter’s new interview … we know exactly why Madison broke up with him.

Aaron Carter, Madison Parker
Photo via Twitter

Between coming out and getting arrested, Aaron’s had a busy year — but that means interviews.

In a new interview on The Bert Show, Aaron Carter says that Madison Parker broke up with him over his bisexuality.

That’s heartbreaking to hear.

"I had discussed it with my ex-girlfriend, and she didn’t really understand it and she didn’t want [to]."

Aaron doesn’t call her out for being a bigot, but … we don’t know how else to characterize someone breaking up with their lover because they find out that they’re bi.

Aaron’s coming out wasn’t about looking to, I don’t know, get a dude as a side ho for his relationship with Madison.

He’s admitting what many people have suspected for a long time — that he’s also attracted to men — so that he can live openly and honestly as himself.

If Madison had a problem with who Aaron is, then good riddance.

Aaron says it a lot nicer than he necessarily needs to.

"And that was it. So we left it mutual and parted ways."

Whatever the gender of his next partner, we hope that they’re not bigoted and are interested in Aaron Carter for who he is.

(Unfortunately, as comments about Aaron when he came out remind us, there are sadly some gay people who are just as bigoted towards bisexuals as certain straight people, so bi folks can experience the worst of both worlds)

Aaron Carter with Chest Tats
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Aaron talks about his life now and what he plans next.

"I’m a single guy again, recently came out as bisexual, so that’s who I am. And I’m just taking it one minute, and one day, and one comment at a time."

That’s smart, of course.

Just because he only recently came out doesn’t mean that he necessarily wants to dive into a relationship with a guy.

Mainly, we imagine, because he just got out of a lengthy relationship and he’s going to need some time to heal.

When he says "one comment at a time," he’s reminding us that he sees a lot of vile things in his mentions.

Most celebrities do, but Aaron, we think, is more inclined to read his comments and also more inclined to feel hurt by them.

Nevertheless, Aaron actually sounds pretty optimistic.

Aaron Carter Airplane Selfie
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"All I can say is that I’m really looking forward to the future right now, and whether I choose to be with a man or a woman is my decision, and no one else’s."

He is, of course, absolutely right.

He might get pressure from well-meaning LGBT fans who want to see him live openly in a same-sex relationship.

He might get pressure from, well, ill-intentioned fans who don’t want to see him with a man, ever.

(And perhaps from some lady fans who only want to see him with women because they want to imagine themselves dating him)

What all of his fans — and the rest of us — should want is for him to be happy.

So he should date someone who makes him happy, relationship-wise.

(True happiness comes from within, we know, but relationships can help)

Aaron Carter's Shirtless Selfie
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As we mentioned, Aaron knew from the time that he was 12 that he was attracted to both men and women.

Aaron talks about why he finally came out at 29, even though he’d first had a "small" relationship with another guy when he was 17.

"It was something that I just felt like was important and I needed to say. It was a part of a new chapter of turning 30, on December 7 this year."

We’re guessing that, so recently after he’d admitted to having an eating disorder, Aaron felt that there was no time like the present to be honest with his fans.

To be clear — nobody, celebrities or otherwise, ever has to come out.

Coming out can impact careers, sever relationships, and radically change a person’s life.

Usually it’s for the better, but as Thomas Dekker recently mentioned, everybody gets to make that choice of when and how to come out for themselves.

Aaron Carter, Dog
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Aaron Carter spoke some more about coming out.

"The process is at your own pace and when you feel comfortable."

He’s absolutely right, though few people feel totally comfortable coming out at that moment.

"There might be a lot of people who don’t agree with it, but you might be surprised by the people who do."

Despite folks who seem to think that passing marriage equality ended anti-LGBT bigotry, there are bigots everywhere, and we don’t just mean in Congress or the currently orange-tinted White House.

We’re glad that Aaron received some pleasant surprises.

"I was shocked. I was blown away. My fans know that I’m a heart on the sleeve kinda guy. That’s the way I am."

That’s great.

Aaron’s needed some good news, you know?