A Woman, A Dog and the Reason Why Jacob Roloff May Return to Television

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As previously noted in adorable detail, Amy Roloff recently got to enjoy some "Grandma Time" with her first grandson.

The Little People, Big World matriarch shared a new photo of herself and little baby Jackson and followers rightfully cooed and cheered the precious image.

Now, however, Amy has posted a picture that includes a different sort of important family member...

Amy Roloff and a Dog

... and which has fans buzzing.

The Instagram image features Roloff on her farm in Oregon, standing on her deck and acting all playful with her son's canine.

"Love this 'pup'. Jacob's dog Luna gives me a 'kiss' each time she sees me," wrote the reality star as a caption, adding the hashtags:

#secondact #loverescuedogs #somelunalove.

What's the big deal? Why such furious commenting and speculating from TLC viewers over a seemingly simple snapshot?

Because it means Jacob Roloff was recently spending time with his family, which is once again spurring rumors that he could return to Little People, Big World.

Jacob Roloff and His Dog

Jacob quit the reality show just over a year ago.

And he seemed to burn every possible bridge on his way out, slamming producers and even close family members as fake and phony.

In July of last year, Roloff wrote that he's seen "storylines drawn up," accusing the series of being scripted and writing of the way his relatives were depicted:

"The family that is filmed is not my family... They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself."

True to his word, Jacob left the show and has dedicated the past several months to driving around the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend and their two dogs.

But he's backed off his assessment a bit of late, even acknowledging that he's done a lot of growing up since last summer and making a point to see his family more often.

We can confirm, for example, that he played a key role in Molly Roloff's wedding just two weeks ago, posing with the bride (below) and also helping to set up.

Jacob and Molly

Does this mean Jacob would return to the program as a full-time cast member?

We likely shouldn't count on it.

But fans of Amy are proud of the way she handled the temporary tiff with her child.

"When things were tough between you and Jacob, you remained strong and NEVER spoke out in a negative way about or towards him," read one comment on the photo above.

"What an amazing example of unconditional love and how to be the amazing mother we all have grown to love!

"I was and am SO impressed with your positive attitude and complete faith that he would come back into the family fold."

Amy was flattered by this remark and by others of similar nature, but she also wanted to make it clear that Jacob hasn't really been estranged from his parents or siblings.

"He’s always been around – except when he was living in Cali – just not on the show the last couple of seasons," she wrote on her own Instagram page in response to a few questions about Jacob.

Ever since Molly’s wedding, Roloff family members have shared numerous images that depict Jacob’s presence in their lives.

Matt, for example, referred to his son the “coolest and best-read” man on the farm, while brother Jeremy told Little People, Big World fans that Jacob is a “smart dude with a good heart."

The beloved reality show returns for Season 14 in September.

We'll certainly be tuning in to see if Jacob shows up.

How about you?!?

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