Tristan Thompson: I Need My OWN House, WITHOUT Khloe Kardashian!

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Last fall, we learned that Khloe Kardashian is dating Tristan Thompson. We've followed their relationship ever since.

Now, even though they're reportedly really close, it sounds like their relationship has hit a snag. The kind might be a total dealbreaker.

Honestly, it's too soon to tell whether this will be something that they overcome together or something that tears them apart.

Khloe and Tristan on Christmas

So, Khloe's purchased a home in Cleveland.

Though Tristan Thompson is Canadian, he's associated with Cleveland because he's an athlete who engages in some sort of sportsball -- the one with the orange ball, not the one with the dirty white pants or the one with the concussions.

(Basketball. I'm told that this one's called basketball)

Khloe didn't buy a house in Cleveland for the ... fracking-induced earthquakes.

Or because she just goes bonkers for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which still hasn't inducted Cher, which is mind-boggling and also an outrage).

Khloe clearly bought a house there because she's crazy about Tristan and, when rich people love people, they buy houses near them.

Tristan has been spending a lot of time in L.A. lately, mostly for Khloe reasons, and now he's looking for a house.

A Kiss!

While he's looking for a home not too far from Khloe's Calabasas residence, a lot of people are wondering why he needs to -- when Khloe has plenty of room at her house.

It's easy to see why the prospect of moving in permanently with Khloe would give him pause.

Khloe is notoriously controlling.

She even seized on Rob Kardashian's recent bad behavior as an excuse to draw him back into her clutches so that she could push him to live his life the way that she wants.

(Admittedly, that's clearly better than letting Rob make his own decisions, as recent events have made abundantly clear)

Tristian might enjoy Khloe's lifestyle and her obsessively fit body and her personality.

But ... is he really prepared to have his daily life managed to such an extreme degree by moving in with her?

Clearly not, since he's looking for his own place.

If he isn't ready now, though, when will he ever be?

Tristan and Khloe

At least one report says that these two are okay despite the separate living places.

HollywoodLife found a source who claims that this is totally cool and not a source of tension.

"Khloe is totally fine with Tristan renting his own place!" 

Khloe was barely okay with her own brother getting a house, so ... we need some convincing on that.

"She understands that he needs his own space, and that he doesn’t want to be seen as ‘living off her.’"

That makes sense. Rumors like that circulate all of the time.

(Remember the debunked one about Ariel Winter giving Levi Meaden an allowance? People love to gossip)

"They’re going to be staying with each other pretty much every day anyway, so it’s no big deal. Khloe and Tristan have an absolutely amazing relationship; they are deeply in love and rarely fight about anything."

Yeah, we'd feel sorry for anyone who'd get into an actual argument with Khloe.

But this source thinks that the two are in for the long haul.

"They have a lot in common, and share the same life goals -- they’re totally simpatico. Both Tristan and Khloe are in it for the long run and committed to a future together."

Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian Match Clothes

As we mentioned, buying houses near the people they love makes a lot of sense (for rich people).

So maybe Tristan renting a home -- something like to be described as a bachelor pad -- is just following celebrity protocol.

But ... and we hate to reinforce gender roles with this ... it's usually something that you see a woman doing.

While a man is more likely to just be fine crashing with his girlfriend.

Regardless of where Tristan and Khloe's relationship is or is not headed, we suspect that maybe Tristan wants to be able to stop by conveniently.

But that he isn't too keen on getting up every day at six in the morning to work out like an absolute lunatic.

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